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Softball Ireland Leinster League Division 4 2004-2007

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ISA Leinster Softball League Division 4 2004

Trinity Titans121200  060
All Sinners12921  2.549
Jensen Jets12750  545
Quinlan’s Assets12255  13.520
Global Zephyrs12174  13.519


ISA Leinster Softball League Division 4 2005

Homers Krusty151320400229069
Deadly Suspects151050393268360
Castleknock Wildcats151050341256360
Global Zephyrs15690220274748
Y2 Kegs1531202033071039
Jensen Jets15311117539810.537


SL Leinster Softball League Division 3/4 2006

Division 4        
Y2 Kegs752010985029
Deadly Suspects7520148193029
The Dept of Homeplate Security734085104223
Bray Allsorts7341641032.721
Lloyd Rail Rolling Rocks70770499.70
Minor League A        
Jets ’93660013163030
All Sinners64209476224
Global Zephyrs63307371321
Y2 Kegs624094131418
The Dept of Homeplate Security606052152612
Minor League B        
Reservoir Dogs770012055035
Loan Homers Krusty7520106106229
Castleknock Wildcats7430137126326
Deadly Suspects7250128138520
Bray Allsorts7161441236.715
Lloyd Rail Rolling Rocks72538976714


Note: Stage 1 Consisted of 2 Sub-Divisions – Minor League A & B who each played one game against teams from the other sub-division. Following this the League was Divided into Division 3 (Top 3 of each sub-division) and Division 4 (Places 4-7 of each sub-division) who each played a further single Round-Robin against teams from their own Division.




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Thanks to Eoghan Murphy and Marlay Softball Club.

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