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Irish Basketball Association Men’s Senior National Cup 1994-2005

IBA Men’s Senior National Cup Finals 1994-2005

YearWinner Runner-Up 
1994-95North Monastery 96’ers84Garvey’s Tigers Tralee73
1995-96Chambourcy Ballina82Star of the Sea69
1996-97Denny Notre Dame80Marathon St. Vincent’s75
1997-98Denny Notre Dame79Neptune Evening Echo73
1998-99Denny Notre Dame82Esat Blue Demons61
1999-2000Denny Notre Dame69St. Vincent’s67
2000-01Thorn Killester87Longnecks Ballina71
2001-02Burger King Limerick89Sx3 Star83
2002-03Mardyke UCC Demons84Sx3 Star83
2003-04Mardyke UCC Demons86Neptune83
2004-05Abrakebabra Tigers Tralee90Roma St. Vincent’s81



The Senior National Cup was the All-Ireland Cup in Men’s Basketball from 1994-2005. It followed on from the Senior Cup and was replaced by the Super League Cup (Super League teams) and President’s Cup (Division 1 teams) in 2005-06. Any team in Ireland could enter, from teams in the two National Divisions to teams at a Regional Area Board level.


Denny Notre Dame, from Firhouse in Dublin, who were resident at the time in the National Basketball Arena in Tallaght, were the Cup specialists during this era – winning the Cup four times in a row from 1996-2000.

Killester stopped their run in 2000-01 and from then on it was all Munster teams, as Limerick won it in 2001-02, followed by two wins for UCC Demons, and then in 2004-05 Tralee Tigers.

Another Cork side, North Monastery 96ers and Ballina from Mayo had preceeded Notre Dame’s record run.



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