American Football, Irish American Football League

Irish American Football Association | Irish American Football League 1986

League Table

Belfast Blitzers6510.667
*Dublin Celts6510.667
*Craigavon Cowboys4040.000
Coleraine Chieftains1010.000
Carrickfergus Cougars1010.000
Ballymena Wolfhounds
Bangor Buccaneers
Belfast Spartans
Belfast Blitzers44001.000
Craigavon Cowboys2020.000
Coleraine Chieftains1010.000
Carrickfergus Cougars1010.000
Ballymena Wolfhounds
Bangor Buccaneers
Belfast Spartans


Playoff Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Shamrock Bowl I
Craigavon Cowboys6Dublin Celts2


Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
01.06.1986Dublin Celts46Belfast Blitzers7
22.06.1986Belfast Blitzers24Dublin Celts20
1986Belfast Blitzers46Craigavon Cowboys0
1986Craigavon Cowboys 0Belfast Blitzers40
1986Dublin CeltsWCraigavon CowboysL
1986Craigavon CowboysLDublin CeltsW
1986Coleraine ChieftainsLBelfast BlitzersW
1986Carrickfergus CougarsLBelfast BlitzersW

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Home Venues

Belfast BlitzersCooke Rugby Club, Belfast
Craigavon CowboysShane Park, Lurgan, Craigavon


The Blitzers won the IAFA Championship on points difference from the Dublin Celts as they both finished on the same record. They also won the NIAFA Championship, which included all matches played except the ones against the Dublin Celts.

At the end of the season there was a separate Shamrock Bowl arranged, which was by invite. The Dublin Celts & Belfast Blitzers were both invitedbut the Blitzers as both League & Cup Champions declined to take part as they considered themselves already champions. The Craigavon Cowboys took their place and beat the Celts 6-2.


There were two separate Leagues in 1986: The Northern Ireland American Football Association, where each of the Northern teams played each other twice. Belfast Blitzers won all of their matches. There was also an Irish American Football Association where each of the NIAFA games counted as well as a Home & Away series for each NIAFA team with the Dublin Celts. The NIAFA League was a League on paper only, though there were medals awarded to the winning Belfast Blitzers team.




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Thanks to David Turner & Billy Graham (Belfast Blitzers).

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