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Rugby League Ireland Irish Rugby League 2018


League Table

Republic of Ireland League
Galway Tribesmen32011381064
Athy Sharks100128580
Waterford Vikings100120680
Dublin City Exiles100142620
Northern Ireland League
Belfast Stags110042222
Portadown Pumas101022420
Belfast Eagles0000000
Belfast Met Scholars0000000

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Playoff Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
ROI FinalTerenure RFC
14.07.18Longhorns RL60Galway Tribesmen16
NI Final
14.07.18Belfast Stags30Portadown Pumas28
All-Ireland FinalMorton Stadium, Santry
21.07.18Longhorns RLW/OBelfast Stagsscr.


Regular Season Results

Republic of Ireland

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
12.05.18Longhorns68Waterford Vikings20
12.05.18Athy Sharks28Galway Tribesmen58
Week 2
19.05.18Galway Tribesmen62Dublin City Exiles42
19.05.18Waterford VikingsAthy Sharks
Week 3
02.06.18Longhorns RLDublin City Exiles
02.06.18Waterford VikingsGalway Tribesmen
Week 4
09.06.18Athy SharksDublin City Exiles
09.06.18Galway Tribesmen18Longhorns RL36
Week 5
16.06.18Dublin City ExilesWaterford Vikings
16.06.18Athy SharksLonghorns RL
Week 6
23.06.18Galway TribesmenAthy Sharks
23.06.18Waterford VikingsLonghorns RL

Fixtures: [2] Results: [3][4][5][6]

Northern Ireland

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
12.05.18Belfast EaglesPortadown Pumas
12.05.18Belfast Met ScholarsBelfast Stags
Week 2
19.05.18Portadown PumasBelfast Met Scholars
19.05.18StagsBelfast Eagles
20.05.18Portadown Pumas22Belfast Stags42
Week 3
02.06.18Belfast EaglesBelfast Met Scholars
02.06.18Belfast StagsPortadown Pumas
Week 4
09.06.18Belfast Met ScholarsBelfast Eagles
09.06.18Portadown PumasBelfast Stags
Week 5
16.06.18Belfast Met ScholarsPortadown Pumas
16.06.18Belfast EaglesBelfast Stags
Week 6
23.06.18Portadown PumasBelfast Eagles
23.06.18Belfast StagsBelfast Met Scholars

Fixtures: [2] Results: [7]

Points System: 2 Pts Win / 1 Pt Draw / 0 Pts Loss / 0 Pts Forfeit (#0-30) /

Tie-Breaker: Tied Teams separated by Points Difference (PF – PA) /

Playoff Qualification: x – Qualify for ROI Semi-Finals / y – Qualify for ROI Quarter-Finals / z – Qualify for Ulster Final


TeamHome Venue


The 2018 Irish Rugby League season was much shortened, as only two teams in the Republic of Ireland League & two in the Northern Ireland League completed the Regular Season.

Longhorns RL, from Ashbourne, Co. Meath defeated Galway Tribersmen 60-16 in the ROI Final and Belfast Stags won 30-28 against Portadown Pumas in the NI Final, before conceding a walkover in the All-Ireland Final,  handing the title to Longhorns RL.

Longhorns RL – ROI and All-Ireland Rugby League Chamions 2018 [Ref: 12][Adjusted]



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