NFL Fantasy Football | NFL-Ireland 2015-2018

NFL Ireland 2015

*Discount Belicheck1512301845.721525.36.800
*Limerick Shams1511401766.441530.30.733
*Sligo 9ers159601622.621542.12.600
*Elway of the Highway158701580.101527.82.533
ShamRock ‘n Roll Tyrone157801657.681490.32.467
Knocklyon Falcons157801634.241680.78.467
Go canucks go157801345.901548.50.467
Belfast Bullets157801614.441586.26.467
Clare Crusaders156901487.461599.46.400

Reference: [1]

Discount Belicheck105.94Elway or the Highway46.32
Limerick Shams80.60Sligo 9ers165.78
3rd Place Game
Elway of the Highway71.96Limerick Shams128.96
Discount Belicheck107.36Sligo 9ers130.22

Reference: [2]

NFL Ireland 2016

*Limerick Shams1512301750.461451.42.800
*Thurles Titans1511401718.361398.00.733
*ShamRock ‘n Roll Allstars159601703.321650.64.600
*Discount Belicheck159601714.361586.78.600
Factory of Sadness159601628.201569.06.600
Sligo 9ers158701921.021703.68.533
Belfast Bullets157801477.361618.00.467
Red Bearded Bears156901476.041689.52.400
Bantry Buccaneers1531201327.141664.42.200
Lucan Warriors1511401374.761759.20.067

Reference: [3]

Limerick Shams168.46Discount Belicheck127.64
Thurles Titans118.90ShamRock ‘n Roll Allstars119.96
3rd Place Game
Discount Belicheck104.40Thurles Titans99.26
Limerick Shams73.12ShamRock ‘n Roll Allstars91.68

Reference: [4]

NFL Ireland 2017

*Belfast Spartans1411301584.121341.98.786
*County Antrim Hedgehogs149501688.221374.52.643
*Sligo 9ers149501627.161555.58.643
*ShamRock ‘n Roll Allstars149501562.281484.84.643
Limerick Shams148601465.621356.22.571
DUBLIN REBELS146801434.181407.26.429
Belfast Bullets146801384.821423.32.429
Thurles Raiders146801360.661460.68.429
Lucan Warriors145901289.061493.90.357
South West Jets141130970.901468.72.071

Reference: [5]

Belfast Spartans93.30ShamRock ‘n Roll Allstars111.68
County Antrim Hedgehogs105.92Sligo 9ers114.16
3rd Place Game
Belfast Spartans80.34County Antrim Hedgehogs105.80
ShamRock ‘n Roll Allstars95.62Sligo 9ers87.90

Reference: [6]

NFL Ireland 2018

*Ertz so sood1411302037.141677.44.786
*Belfast Spartans1411301993.001828.74.786
*Dikkie Kop149502156.281739.66.643
*Thurles Raiders149501931.001870.75.643
County Antrim Hedgehogs148601946.821884.50.571
Limerick Legends148602009.521910.74.571
Sligo 9ers145901772.561823.34.357
Lucan Warriors1441001585.281947.92.286
Shamrock ‘n Roll Allstars1431101628.522061.92.214
Belfast Bullets1421201641.041956.12.143

Reference: [7]

Ertz so good139.72Thurles Raiders80.94
Belfast Spartans93.46Dikkie Kop112.50
3rd Place Game
Thurles Raiders162.26Belfast Spartans98.86
Ertz so good194.20Dikkie Kop110.86

Reference: [8]



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Thanks to Nora Mulcahy, Richard D Mulcahy, Richard F Mulcahy, Dervla Mulcahy, Fiona Connolly-Mulcahy, Colm Kincaid, Conor Connolly-Mulcahy, Dara Connolly-Mulcahy.

About this document

Researched, compiled and written by Enda Mulcahy for the

Eirball | Irish North American and World Sports Archive

Last Updated: 29 March 2019

(c) Copyright Enda Mulcahy and Eirball 2019

You may quote this document in part provided that proper acknowledgement is given to the authors. All Rights Reserved.


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