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Irish Fantasy League of American Football 1997-2005

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IFLAF 1997

Lombardi Conference
*Mornington Mastodons1340456318
Wicklow Wolves1250458396
Corrigeen Crusaders980408432
Castleknock Cougars980495467
Madden Conference
*Casement Cheetahs890381414
Leitrim Cruisers890465411
Crumlin Red Giants6110396429
South Central Stingrays3140267459

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IFLAF 1998

Lombardi Conference
*Castleknock Cougars1250570435
Wicklow Wolves1160537459
Mornington Mastodons1070492411
Corrigeen Crusaders3140306477
Madden Conference
*Crumlin Red Giants980362434
Leitrim Cruisers980494435
Casement Cheetahs7100365413
South Central Stingrays7100390452

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IFLAF 1999

Lombardi Conference
*Crumlin Red Giants1340528363
Wicklow Wolves1151467393
North Cork Bandits1061416376
Mornington Mastodons980342332
Madden Conference
*Casement Cheetahs890395453
South Central Stingrays7100335359
Leitrim Cruisers5120332398
Corrigeen Crusaders4130296437

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IFLAF 2000

Lombardi Conference
*Crumlin Red Giants1241707423
Wicklow Wolves971470384
North Cork Bandits890472465
Casement Cheetahs6101366537
Madden Conference
*South Central Stingrays1160432417
Mornington Mastodons791423487
Corrigeen Crusaders7100399494
Leitrim Cruisers6110405464

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IFLAF 2001

Lombardi Conference
*North Cork Bandits1250402396
Wicklow Wolves980495468
Crumlin Red Giants980621477
South Central Stingrays5120363537
Madden Conference
*Corrigeen Crusaders1250567477
Casement Cheetahs980504515
Mornington Mastodons7100485483
Leitrim Cruisers5120453537

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IFLAF 2002

Lombardi Conference
*Crumlin Red Giants1340585466
Corrigeen Crusaders1250604531
Casement Cheetahs890540474
North Cork Bandits890381476
Wicklow Wolves5120516564
Madden Conference
*Leitrim Cruisers1160516441
Mornington Mastodons1070450423
Blackwater Bobcats890477465
South Central Stingrays5120395480
Clontarf Celts5120303447

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IFLAF 2003

Lombardi Conference
*Corrigeen Crusaders1250620405
Casement Cheetahs1070498478
Leitrim Cruisers1070486490
Mornington Mastodons890393438
Crumlin Red Giants5120458507
Madden Conference
*Wicklow Wolves1340512420
South Central Stingrays980389441
Clontarf Celts7100441483
North Cork Bandits7100470453
Blackwater Bobcats4130375527

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IFLAF 2004

Lombardi Conference
*Corrigeen Crusaders1160678408
Casement Cheetahs1160552457
Leitrim Cruisers1160524534
Wicklow Wolves980489522
South Central Stingrays4130375687
Madden Conference
*Mornington Mastodons980507444
West Dublin Dragons890495486
North Cork Bandits890450498
Clontarf Celts7100450438
Blackwater Bobcats7100467513

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IFLAF 2005

Lombardi Conference
*Corrigeen Crusaders1430756482
West Dublin Dragons1070576474
Leitrim Cruisers7100498562
Mornington Mastodons7100437501
Casement Cheetahs6110438515
Madden Conference
*Clontarf Celts1160469452
North Cork Bandits980497501
South Central Stingrays890474550
Blackwater Bobcats7100512577
Wicklow Wolves6110449492

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The Irish Fantasy League of American Football was set up in 1994 with 5 teams. By 1997 it had grown to 8 teams, with the top 4 teams playing in the Lombardi Conference, and the newer or less established teams playing in the Madden Conference. There was promotion and relegation between the Conferences, and no playoffs.

The League expanded to 10 teams in 2002, and went back down to 8 teams in 2006, with a decision to make the League a single division. The League lasted until 2015, when the Comissioner retired.



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