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Irish Flag Football Association Junior League 2005-06

Dublin Rebels Junior Team 2006
Irish Flag Football Association Logo [Reference: 1]


Northern Division       
Belfast Bulls65101854415
Craigavon Silver Titans5230611156
Carrickfergus Knights6240581186
Craigavon Blue Titans514072893
Southern Division       
Dublin Rebels7520581315
Cork Admirals211042383
Cork Predators211039783
Dublin Rebel Rams20206840
North Dublin Marshalls10100
Irish Flag Football Association Junior League 2005-06 [References: 2-5]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Bowl Day(Venue: ALSAA)
Irish Flag Football Association Junior League 2005-06 [References: 2-5]


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Round 1 (Thanksgiving) (Venue: ALSAA) 
 Group A   
20.11.2005Belfast Bulls38Cork Admirals14
20.11.2005Dublin Rebel Rams6Belfast Bulls56
20.11.205Cork Admirals28Dublin Rebel Rams0
 Group B   
20.11.2005Craigavon Silver Titans13Dublin Rebels20
20.11.2005Dublin Rebels38Carrickfergus Knights0
20.11.2005Carrickfergus Knights16Craigavon Silver Titans24
 Group C   
20.11.2005Craigavon Blue Titans26Cork Predators27
20.11.2005Cork Predators12Broncos52
20.11.2005Broncos34Craigavon Blue Titans16
Round 2(Venue: ALSAA)
28.01.2006Craigavon Blue TitansBelfast Bulls
28.01.2006Dublin RebelsLCarrickfergus KnightsW
28.01.2006Belfast BullsNorth Dublin Marshalls
28.01.2006Craigavon Silver TitansWDublin RebelsL
28.01.2006Craigavon Blue TitansNorth Dublin Marshalls
28.01.2006Craigavon Silver TitansCarrickfergus Knights
28.01.2006Belfast BullsLDublin RebelsW
28.01.2006Craigavon Blue TitansCarrickfergus Knights
28.01.2006Craigavon Blue TitansCraigavon Silver Titans
28.01.2006North Dublin MarshallsCarrickfergus Knights
28.01.2006Belfast BullsCraigavon Silver Titans
28.01.2006North Dublin MarshallsLDublin RebelsW
28.01.2006Craigavon Blue TitansLDublin RebelsW
28.01.2006Belfast BullsCarrickfergus Knights
28.01.2006North Dublin MarshallsCraigavon Silver Titans
 Round 3   
30.04.2006Belfast Bulls43Craigavon Silver Titans18
30.04.2006Craigavon Blue Titans30Carrickfergus Knights0
30.04.2006Carrickfergus Knights36Craigavon Silver Titans6
30.04.2006Belfast Bulls28Craigavon Blue Titans0
30.04.2006Belfast Bulls20Carrickfergus Knights6
Irish Flag Football Association Junior League 2005-06 [References: 2-5]


In the first tournament of the Irish Flag Fotball Association Junior League on 20 November 2005 in a Thanksgiving Event held at ALSAA (aer Lingus Sports and Athletic Association at Dublin Airport), Belfast Bulls came out on top with two wins from two. Broncos and the Dublin Rebels each also won both their games. Cork Admirals, Craigavon Silver Titans and Cork Predators all won one game each while Craigavon Blue Titans, Carrickfergus Knights and Dublin Rebel Rams lost both their games.

Six teams entered the second tournament on 28 January 2020, with North Dublin Marrshalls a new entry. Dublin Rebels narrowly lost their first two games before winning their last three to put them on 5-2 for the year.

Belfast Bulls won all three matches in their Irish Flag Football Association Junior League Northern Division Tournament on 30 April 2006. Craigavon Blue Titans came second on 1-1, Carrickfergus Knights third on 1-2 and Craigavon Silver Titans finished with two losses. The final game between the Blue Titans and Silver Titans wasnot played.

Dublin Rebels Junior Team 2006
Dublin Rebels Junior Team 2006 [Reference: 6][Photo Credit: Dublin Rebels]

About Flag Football

Flag Football is a non-contact version of American Football whereby teams (usually of 5) play on a smaller field (50 yards with two 10 yard endzones), using Flags tied around their waist which must be pulled of by the tackler. The aim as in American Football is to pass or run the ball into the opposition endzone, within a specified number of downs (attempts) – teams have four downs in which to reach the Halfway line or two lines close to either endzone, or the ball is turned over to the opposition. On completing either a touchdown (reaching the endzone) or one of the first down markers (ie the Halfway line or one of the other two lines) the down count starts at one again. A Touchdown is worth 6 points, and a conversion (which must be passed into the endzone) is worth one or two points depending on whether the scoring team opts to start from the 5 yard line or 20 yard line. There is no kicking, although in Irish Flag Football in the 1990s there was kicking and seven player teams. Teams are mixed (coed).



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