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Irish American Football Association | Irish Flag Football League | Glas Bowl Conference 2019

Irish American Football Association Flag Football Logo [2]


Craigavon Cowboys 2nds220074126
Cork City Outlaws220076386
South Dublin Panthers220075376
Louth Mavericks 2nds220040206
NI Razorbacks211081573
Maynooth University Hurricanes0000000
Ulster University Elks0000000
University College Cork 2nds0000000
Norton Wasps0000000
Downpatrick Saints202015440
Belfast Trojans 2nds202018620
West Dublin Rhinos202037840
Galway Warriors2020481100

Reference: [1]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1People’s Park, Portadown
14.09.2019South Dublin Panthers 29NI Razorbacks17
14.09.2019Craigavon Cowboys 2nds34West Dublin Rhinos6
14.09.2019Downpatrick Saints8Louth Mavericks 2nds18
14.09.2019Cork City Outlaws26Downpatrick Saints7
14.09.2019Louth Mavericks 2nds22Belfast Trojans 2nds12
14.09.2019NI Razorbacks64Galway Warriors28
14.09.2019West Dublin Rhinos31Cork City Outlaws50
14.09.2019Belfast Trojans 2nds6Craigavon Cowboys 2nds40
14.09.2019Galway Warriors20South Dublin Panthers46
Week 2Castleknock College, Dublin
05.10.2019University College Cork 2ndsNorton Wasps
05.10.2019Ulster University ElksBelfast Trojans 2nds
05.10.2019 Maynooth University HurricanesDownpatrick Saints
05.10.2019 Louth Mavericks 2ndsUniversity College Cork 2nds
05.10.2019 NI RazorbacksMaynooth University Hurricanes
05.10.2019 Downpatrick SaintsCraigavon Cowboys 2nds
05.10.2019 Craigavon Cowboys 2ndsLouth Mavericks 2nds
05.10.2019 Belfast Trojans 2ndsNI Razorbacks
05.10.2019 Norton WaspsUlster University Elks
Week 3Regional Park, Ballincollig
12.10.2019Ulster University ElksCork City Outlaws
12.10.2019 Belfast Trojans 2ndsUniversity College Cork 2nds
12.10.2019 South Dublin PanthersDownpatrick Saints
12.10.2019 Maynooth University HurricanesLouth Mavericks 2nds
12.10.2019 West Dublin RhinosMaynooth University Hurricanes
12.10.2019 Louth Mavericks 2ndsNorton Wasps
12.10.2019 University College Cork 2ndsNI Razorbacks
12.10.2019 Cork City OutlawsGalway Warriors
12.10.2019 Downpatrick SaintsUlster University Elks
12.10.2019 NI RazorbacksWest Dublin Rhinos
12.10.2019 Galway WarriorsBelfast Trojans 2nds
12.10.2019 Norton WaspsSouth Dublin Panthers
Week 4Westmanstown Sports Centre
19.10.2019Craigavon Cowboys 2ndsUniversity College Cork 2nds
19.10.2019 South Dublin PanthersWest Dublin Rhinos
19.10.2019 Ulster University ElksGalway Warriors
19.10.2019 Maynooth University HurricanesNorton Wasps
19.10.2019 Cork City OutlawsSouth Dublin Panthers
19.10.2019 West Dublin RhinosUlster University Elks
19.10.2019 University College Cork 2ndsMaynooth University Hurricanes
19.10.2019 Galway WarriorsCraigavon Cowboys 2nds
19.10.2019 Norton WaspsCork City Outlaws

Reference: [1]



[1] Irish American Football Association (2019) GBC 2019 [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 9 September 2019]


[2] Irish American Football Association (2019) IAFA Flag Logo [Internet] Available from:×614.png [Accessed 1 July 2019]


Thanks to Todd Zboyan, Decy Maher, Sean Douglas, Jonathan Spielberg, Joe Grey, Dublin Bay Raptors.

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