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American Football League of Europe 1994-1995

FLE 1994

Northern Conference       
Stockholm Nordic Vikings10910465228.900
Hamburg Blue Devils10730339264.700
Berlin Bears10280278466.200
Helsinki Roosters9180163245.111
Central Conference       
Munich Thunder9720253210.778
Amsterdam Crusaders10640295280.600
Great Britain Spartans9450240262.444
Frankfurt Gamblers9270196284.222


DateHome Team Away Team 
27.08.94Munich Thunder26Hamburg Blue Devils29
03.09.94Stockholm Nordic Vikings34Amsterdam Crusaders21
 Euro Super Bowl I   
17.09.94Hamburg Blue Devils35Stockholm Nordic Vikings43


AFLE 1995

*Bergamo Lions8710232178.875
*Stockholm Nordic Vikings8530239223.625
Amsterdam Crusaders85307890.625
Frankfurt Knights8350124140.375
Sheffield GB Spartans8080175235.000
Bavarian Blue Falcons000000.000

Reference: [10] [Adjusted based on Results in 1-9]

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Euro-SuperBowl II   
02.09.1995Stockholm Nordic Vikings14Bergamo Lions0

Reference: [10]




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Thanks to Ralph Schmeer (Irish American Football Officials Association)

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