American 7s, World Gridiron

American 7s Football League 2018

Final Standings

1Baltimore Gators111100308112
2Baltimore Vikings111010295138
3NJ Paterson U10820211120
4PA Immortalz10730325157
5NJ Savage10640257113
6Baltimore Army8530206114
7Baltimore Bulldogs10550208156
8New Jersey BIC8530155168
9Diamond Dynasty10460206248
10PA Misfits8440162241
11Baltimore Cobras8260176167
12Spanktown Boyz724184148
13NJ Hawks725079168
14Silk City Animals725058158
15Baltimore Red Hawks725081186
16Union City Chiefs8161122148
17New Jersey Thrashers707054245
18Washington Vipers707012122

Reference: [1]


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Round 1   
24.06.18Baltimore Army20Diamond Dynasty24
24.06.18Baltimore Bulldogs45PA Misfits19
10.06.18NJ Savage36Baltimore Cobras18
 Round 2   
24.06.18Diamond Dynasty28Baltimore Vikings36
 Round 3   
01.07.18Baltimore Vikings20PA Immortalz18
01.07.18Baltimore Gators31NJ Paterson U13
 Round 4   
08.07.18Baltimore Vikings14Baltimore Gators28

Seven-Game Season Plus Playoffs which counted in the Standings.




A7FL (2018) Teams & Standings: North East Division 2018 [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 10 September 2018]


Thanks to John Kane. John Wills, John Cummins, John Doody and John Morahan.

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