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Irish Harness Racing Association | Race Winners 2019

Irish Harness Racing Association

Portmarnock Raceway, Saturday, 10th August 2019

1Grade G Pace
JaybeeMarcus McAleer02:03:60500
2Prix de CaemTrot Grade F (FFA)
DobyBilly Roche03:11:901000
3Vincent Delaney Memorial 2YO Fillies Heat 1
Rainbow WriterPatrick Kane Jr02:04:80700
4Vincent Delaney Memorial 2yo Fillies Heat 2
Oakwood CoralWill Greenhorn02:04:20700
5Pace Grade G&G1 HCP
TransparencyAlan Richardson02:02:40500
6Vincent Delaney Memorial 2yo C&G Heat 1
Star AttractionJames Haythornthwhaite02:05:90700
7Vincent Delaney Memorial 2yo C&G Heat 2
MatteuceousWilliam Laidler02:05:60700
8IHRA Apprentice Trot Series Heat 2
VallanzanaOisin Quill03:14:301000
9Pace Grade F (FFA)
Rock ShowSimon Duggan02:03:20500
10Prix D’Argentan CW Trot Grade F, A HCP
AramPhilip Gilligan02:06:401200
11Pace Grade F&E HCP
Amy CamdenAlan Richardson02:06:00500
12Pace Grade E, D HCP
Benny CamdenJordan Stratton01:59:10700
13PJI Engineering Ltd JFFA Pace
Meadowbranch DemonLuke Kelleher01:58:401000

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Portmarnock Raceway, Sunday, 11th August 2019

1Prix de Cabourg Trot E&D HCP
Urbano de SellesBilly Roche03:05:701300
2Prix de Vincennes Trot D,C,B HCP
Bolchoi de L’ItonBilly Roche03:07:401500
3Shartin N Pace D,C,B HCP
Tarawood CJJordan stratton01:58:20700
4LPD Dempolition 4yo Mares FFA Pace
Kiki GirlBilly Roche02:01:202500
5Elvin Delaney FFA Trot
Besame MuchoJohn Richardson02:01:202000
6Alway B Miki Irish American FFA Pace
MiraculousPatrick Kane Jnr01:54:603600
7Oakwood Stud 3yo Fillies Final
Oakwood StarcamJohn Richardson01:56:305000
8Diamond Creek VDM 2yo Fillies Final
Rainbow WriterPatric Kane Jnr02:01:4010000
9Hanover Shoe Farms VDM C&G Final
MatteuceousWilliam Laidler02:03:0010000
10Oakwood Stud 3yo C&G Final
Ladyford DollarSteve P Lees01:59:805000

Reference: [3]

Annaghmore Raceway, Saturday, 17 August 2019

Pace Grade G & G1 HCPArt at the BeachJonathan Cowden02:10:10350
Trot Grade G, F & E HCPDonaldMartin Loughran02:07:90750
Pace Grade F (FFA)IB A MagicianWayne McNevin02:04:80350
Clockwise Trot Grade E&D HCPAramPhilip Gilligan03:17:60500
Pace Grade E&C HCPTarawood CJPhilip Gilligan02:03:30350
Trot Grade D,C&B HCPBest of BuroisWayne Swindle02:07:00800

Reference: [4]

Manch, Sunday 25 August 2019

Cornfield Oval Heat 1IB A MagicianWayne McNevin2:41:9300
Cornfield Oval Heat 2Earnies UmpireJamie Hurley2:45:1300
Cornfield Oval Heat 3Fairdays BretAnthony McCarthy2:50:2300
Cornfield Oval Heat 4Rhyds DestinyTimmy O’Leary2:42:8300
PACE Grade G & G1IB A WarriorJamie Hurley2:47:3300
TROT Grade F, E & D HandicapDynamite BrouetsSean Kane3:27:4950
TROT Grade F, E & D HandicapAriane des TithaisOisin Quill3:25:8950
8TROT Grade DVallanzanaOisin Quill3:25:81000
All Ireland Pace Series Heat 5Benny CamdenDonal Murphy2:44:4550
All Ireland Trot Series Heat 5Aubade A HelenePatrick Hill3:22:1850
Cornfield Oval Handicap FinalIB A MagicianWayne McNevin2:43:71000

Reference: [5]



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Thanks to Frank Kingston, John Malone & Aedamar Kincaid

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