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Irish Harness Racing Association | Race Winners 2019

Irish Harness Racing Association

Portmarnock Raceway, Saturday, 10th August 2019

1Grade G Pace
JaybeeMarcus McAleer02:03:60500
2Prix de CaemTrot Grade F (FFA)
DobyBilly Roche03:11:901000
3Vincent Delaney Memorial 2YO Fillies Heat 1
Rainbow WriterPatrick Kane Jr02:04:80700
4Vincent Delaney Memorial 2yo Fillies Heat 2
Oakwood CoralWill Greenhorn02:04:20700
5Pace Grade G&G1 HCP
TransparencyAlan Richardson02:02:40500
6Vincent Delaney Memorial 2yo C&G Heat 1
Star AttractionJames Haythornthwhaite02:05:90700
7Vincent Delaney Memorial 2yo C&G Heat 2
MatteuceousWilliam Laidler02:05:60700
8IHRA Apprentice Trot Series Heat 2
VallanzanaOisin Quill03:14:301000
9Pace Grade F (FFA)
Rock ShowSimon Duggan02:03:20500
10Prix D’Argentan CW Trot Grade F, A HCP
AramPhilip Gilligan02:06:401200
11Pace Grade F&E HCP
Amy CamdenAlan Richardson02:06:00500
12Pace Grade E, D HCP
Benny CamdenJordan Stratton01:59:10700
13PJI Engineering Ltd JFFA Pace
Meadowbranch DemonLuke Kelleher01:58:401000

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Portmarnock Raceway, Sunday, 11th August 2019

1Prix de Cabourg Trot E&D HCP
Urbano de SellesBilly Roche03:05:701300
2Prix de Vincennes Trot D,C,B HCP
Bolchoi de L’ItonBilly Roche03:07:401500
3Shartin N Pace D,C,B HCP
Tarawood CJJordan stratton01:58:20700
4LPD Dempolition 4yo Mares FFA Pace
Kiki GirlBilly Roche02:01:202500
5Elvin Delaney FFA Trot
Besame MuchoJohn Richardson02:01:202000
6Alway B Miki Irish American FFA Pace
MiraculousPatrick Kane Jnr01:54:603600
7Oakwood Stud 3yo Fillies Final
Oakwood StarcamJohn Richardson01:56:305000
8Diamond Creek VDM 2yo Fillies Final
Rainbow WriterPatric Kane Jnr02:01:4010000
9Hanover Shoe Farms VDM C&G Final
MatteuceousWilliam Laidler02:03:0010000
10Oakwood Stud 3yo C&G Final
Ladyford DollarSteve P Lees01:59:805000

Reference: [3]

Annaghmore Raceway, Saturday, 17 August 2019

Pace Grade G & G1 HCPArt at the BeachJonathan Cowden02:10:10350
Trot Grade G, F & E HCPDonaldMartin Loughran02:07:90750
Pace Grade F (FFA)IB A MagicianWayne McNevin02:04:80350
Clockwise Trot Grade E&D HCPAramPhilip Gilligan03:17:60500
Pace Grade E&C HCPTarawood CJPhilip Gilligan02:03:30350
Trot Grade D,C&B HCPBest of BuroisWayne Swindle02:07:00800

Reference: [4]

Manch, Sunday 25 August 2019

Cornfield Oval Heat 1IB A MagicianWayne McNevin2:41:9300
Cornfield Oval Heat 2Earnies UmpireJamie Hurley2:45:1300
Cornfield Oval Heat 3Fairdays BretAnthony McCarthy2:50:2300
Cornfield Oval Heat 4Rhyds DestinyTimmy O’Leary2:42:8300
PACE Grade G & G1IB A WarriorJamie Hurley2:47:3300
TROT Grade F, E & D HandicapDynamite BrouetsSean Kane3:27:4950
TROT Grade F, E & D HandicapAriane des TithaisOisin Quill3:25:8950
8TROT Grade DVallanzanaOisin Quill3:25:81000
All Ireland Pace Series Heat 5Benny CamdenDonal Murphy2:44:4550
All Ireland Trot Series Heat 5Aubade A HelenePatrick Hill3:22:1850
Cornfield Oval Handicap FinalIB A MagicianWayne McNevin2:43:71000

Reference: [5]

Portmarnock, 1 September 2019

Trot Grade F (FFA)Empereur SouverainPatrick Kane Jnr2:35:0650
Pace Grade G & G1 HCPNewtown TerrorAlan Wallace Jnr2:03:7350
Trot Grade E & D HCPSilvano BelloDonal Murphy2:35:6650
Pace Grade F (FFA)Kick Up The DustJohn Richardson1:59:1350
Trot Grade F, E & C HCP ClockwiseBingo SpeedBilly Roche2:03:3650
Pace Grade F & E HCPAmy CamdenRicky Hanson2:02:8350
IHRA Apprentice Championship Heat 3Tamalou PerrineErin Flanagan2:35:0700
Pace Grade D, C, B & A HCPSarah’s GiftJonathan Cowden1:58:4350
Trot Grade D, C & A HCPDonaldMartin Loughran2:35:1750

Reference: [6]

Portmarnock, 8 September 2019

Trot Grade F (FFA)TypheeBrendan Morgan3:08:3800
Trot Grade E (FFA)Belina RoyalePhilip Gilligan3:17:5725
Pace Grade G & G1 HCPJay BeeFreddy Kavanagh2:03:1300
Clockwise Trot Grade F, E, C, & B HCPBelkalinjaDonal Murphy3:07:9725
Pace Grade F (FFA)Beat the ClockNoel Ryan1:59:7350
Trot Grade D (FFA)Silvano BelloTadgh Murphy3:07:9800
Pace Grade F, E, D, C, & B HCPFairdays WesternJonathan Cowden1:59:0350
Trot Grade C, B & A HCPBest of BuroisWayne Swindle3:09:3900

Reference: [7]

Annaghmore, 15 September 2019

1Trot Grade G, F & E HCPEmeric de PerreuxJohn Richardson2:03:6800
2Pace Grade F & E HCPI.B. A MagicianWayne McNevin2:01:9350
3Clockwise Trot Grade F, E & C HCPAlcazar de SienneMartin Loughran2:07:8800
4Pace Grade D, B & A HCPRhyds BootsTiernan Loughran2:00:1350
5Trot Grade E, D, C, B & A HCPStar de FruitierNoel Ryan2:06:8900

Reference: [8]

Portmarnock, 22 September 2019

1Trot Grade G, F & E HCPErimera FromentroAnthony Malone3:13:6800
2Pace Grade G & G1 HCPFoxfield SonnyLuke Timlin2:04:0300
3Trot GradeDiva des CharmesJoseph Caffrey3:11:3900
4Ladies Pace Grade F & B HCPRhyds BootsGail Nicholson2:01:1300
5Ladies Saddle Pace Grade F to A HCPIndie HanoverMaryKate Foran2:05:0400
6IHRA Apprentice Championship Heat 3Cilando du TempsJonathan Cowden3:11:1800
7Pace Grade E to B HCPIB A MagicianWayne McNevin1:58:7350
8Ladies Saddle TrotCyclone DecourierEmma Kane3:15:2800
9Trot Grade E, D & C HCPVarus de CormonBernard Nicholson3:07:4950
10Ladies Trot Grade F, E & C HCPEmeric de PerreuxCharlie Flanagan3:09:4900
11Pace Grade F (FFA)Kick Up the DustJohn Richardson2:01:0350

Reference: [9]

Portmarnock, 29 September 2019

1Pace Grade G & G1 HCPHonor CodePhilip Gilligan350
25Yr Old Trot Grade G to E HCPEmpereur SouverainPatrick Kane Jnr800
3Pace Grade F (FFA)Newtown MajorMarcus McAleer350
4Trot GradeSoprane GedeSean Kane900
5Pace Grade E to C HCPBeat the ClockJohn Richardson350
6Trot Grade F & E HCPBelle de BonnevalJonathan Cowden800
7Trot Grade E to A1 HCPUldeim AlfaSean Kane950
8Trot Grade F & E HCPUrbano de SellesBilly Roche800
9All Ireland Pace Series FinalPorterstown CourageWalter Stewart2000
10All Ireland Trot Series FinalBesame MuchoJohn Richardson3200
11All Ireland Trot Series Consolation FinalCilando du TempsJonathan Cowden1500
12All Ireland Pace Series Consolation FinalFairdays WesternJonathan Cowden800

Reference: [10]



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Thanks to Frank Kingston, Aedamar Kincaid, John Malone & John Kane

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