National Football League (NFL USA)

National Football League 2019


AFC East
Buffalo Bills110017161.000
New England Patriots11003331.000
New York Jets10101617.000
Miami Dolphins10101059.000
AFC North
Baltimore Ravens110059101.000
Cincinnati Bengals10102021.000
Cleveland Browns10101343.000
Pittsburgh Steelers1010333.000
AFC South
Tennessee Titans110043131.000
Houston Texans000000.000
Indianapolis Colts10102430.000
Jacksonville Jaguars10102640.000
AFC West
Kansas City Chiefs110040261.000
Los Angeles Chargers110030241.000
Denver Broncos000000.000
Oakland Raiders000000.000
NFC East
Dallas Cowboys110035171.000
Philadelphia Eagles110032271.000
Washington Redskins10102732.000
New York Giants10101735.000
NFC North
Green Bay Packers11001031.000
Minnesota Vikings110028121.000
Detroit Lions10012727.500
Chicago Bears1010310.000
NFC South
New Orleans Saints000000.000
Carolina Panthers10102730.000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers10101731.000
Atlanta Falcons10101228.000
NFC West
San Francisco 49ers110031171.000
Los Angeles Rams110030271.000
Seattle Seahawks110021201.000
Arizona Cardinals10012121.500

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DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
05.09.2019Chicago Bears3Green Bay Packers10
08.09.2019Carolina Panthers27Los Angeles Rams30
08.09.2019Philadelphia Eagles32Washington Redskins27
08.09.2019New York jets16Buffalo Bills17
08.09.2019Minnesota Vikings28Atlanta Falcons12
08.09.2019Miami Dolphins10Baltimore Ravens59
08.09.2019Jacksonville Jaguars26Kansas City Chiefs40
08.09.2019Cleveland Browns13Tennessee Titans43
08.09.2019Los Angeles Chargers30Indianapolis Colts24
08.09.2019Seattle Seahawks21Cincinnati Bengals20
08.09.2019Tampa Bay Buccaneers17San Francisco 49ers31
08.09.2019Dallas Cowboys35New York Giants17
08.09.2019Arizona Cardinals27Detroit Lions27
08.09.2019New England Patriots33Pittsburgh Steelers3
09.09.2019New Orleans SaintsHouston Texans
09.09.2019Oakland RaidersDenver Broncos

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Thanks to Brianna Wallace & Todd Zboyan.

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