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Irish Basketball Association | National Basketball League | Men’s Division 1 1979-1991

Irish Basketball Association

National League Men’s Division 1 1979-1991


IBBA National Basketball League 1979-80

*St. Vincent’s Killarney18162  32
*Blue Demons18144  28
*Marian18135  26
*Killester18117  22
Tralee Celtics18108  20
St. Vincent’s Glasnevin1899  18
Sligo All-Stars18810  16
St. Gall’s18711  14
O’Connell’s18216  4
Iona Cork18018  0


DateHome Team Away Team 
 St. Vincent’s Killarney84Killester71
 Blue Demons103Marian89
 St. Vincent’s Killarney104Blue Demons73

IBBA National Basketball League 1980-81

*Blue Demons18171  34
*Killester18135  26
*Marian18126  24
St. Gall’s18126  24
*St. Vincent’s Killarney18126  24
St. Vincent’s Glasnevin18117  22
Corinthians18513  10
Celtic18315  6
Sligo All Stars18315  6
St. Colm’s18216  4


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Blue Demons95Marian61
 St. Vincent’s Killarney73Killester62
 Blue Demons77St. Vincent’s Killarney74

IBBA National Basketball League 1981-82

Gleneagle Killarney18162  32
Team Britvic Blue Demons18144  28
St. Vincent’s Glasnevin18135  26
Killester18108  20
Burgerland Neptune18108  20
Team Shandy St. Gall’s18810  16
Marian18711  14
Tralee Celtics18711  14
Corinthians18612  12
Ballina Braves18018  0


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Gleneagle Killarney100Team Britvic Blue Demons97 ot

IBBA National Basketball League 1982-83

Burgerland [Neptune]16133  26
Sporting Belfast16115  22
Gleneagle [Killarney]16106  20
St. Vincent’s16106  20
Team Britvic [Blue Demons]1697  18
Team Corona [St. Gall’s]1679  14
Sligo All-Stars16511  10
Killester16412  8
Yoplait [Marian]16313  6


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Burgerland67St. Vincent’s74
 Sporting BelfastWGleneagleL
 St. Vincent’s83Sporting Belfast78


National Basketball Leagues 1983-84

Team Britvic Blue Demons18144  28
Team Harp Lager North Monastery18135  26
St. Vincent’s18124  24
Gleneagle Killarney18117  22
Team Smithwick’s Sporting18108  20
Burgerland Neptune1899  18
Killester1899  18
Team GWI Sligo18711  14
Team Corona St. Gall’s18414  8
Club Orange Annadale18117  2


DateHome Team Away Team 
 St. Vincent’s71Harp Lager68
 Gleneagle89Team Britvic85
 St. Vincent’s104Gleneagle76


IBBA National Basketball Leagues 1984-85

*Burgerland Neptune18153  30
*Team Britvic Blue Demons18135  26
*Jameson St. Vincent’s18135  26
*Team Harp Lager North Monastery18117  22
Team Smithwick’s Sporting18108  20
Yoplait Marian1899  18
Killester18711  14
Team West Ballina18513  10
Gleneagle Killarney18414  8
Team GWI Sligo18315  6


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Burgerland NeptuneWHarp Lager North MonL
 Team Britvic Blue DemonsWJameson St. Vincent’sL
 Team Britvic Blue Demons77Burgerland Neptune74


National Basketball Leagues 1985-86

Burgerland International Neptune18162  32
Team Harp Lager North Monastery18144  28
Premier Milk Toppers Killester18126  24
Jameson International St. Vincent’s18108  20
Team Roadspeed Corinthians1899  18
Dawn Milk Blue Demons18810  16
Team Tudor St. Gall’s18612  12
Team West Ballina18513  10
Team Smithwicks Sporting Belfast18513  10
Yoplait Marian18513  10


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Premier Milk100Harp Lager91
 Jameson89Premier Milk81


IBBA National Leagues 1986-87

*Burgerland Neptune18135  26
*Dawn Milk Blue Demons18135  26
*Premier Milk Toppers Killester18126  24
*Jameson St. Vincent’s18126  24
Budweiser18117  22
Roadspeed Corinthians1899  18
Team West Ballina18810  16
St. Declan’s18513  10
St. Gall’s18513  10
Portarlington Hawks ##18216  2


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Burgerland Neptune87Jameson St. Vincent’s78
 Burgerland Neptune95Premier Milk Toppers84

IBBA National League 1987-88

*Burgerland Neptune18144  28
*Premier Milk Killester18135  26
*Dawn Milk Blue Demons18135  26
*Budweiser North Monastery18126  24
Roadspeed Corinthians1899  18
Harp Ballina1899  18
Jameson St. Vincent’s18810  16
St. Declan’s Cabra18612  12
Sligo All-Stars18513  10
Galway Democrats18117  2


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Burgerland Neptune65Budweiser North Monastery62
 Dawn Milk Blue Demons95Premier Milk Killester88
 Dawn Milk Blue Demons89Burgerland Neptune88


IBBA National League 1988-89

Dawn Milk Cork Blue Demons18144  28
Burgerland Neptune18135  26
Jameson Glasnevin St. Vincent’s18135  26
Harp Ballina18117  22
St. Declan’s18108  20
Roadspeed Dublin Corinthians18108  20
Premier Milk Killester18810  16
Budweiser Cork18612  12
Cookstown Glenavon18216  4
St. Gall’s18216  4


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Burgerland Neptune95Harp Ballina82


IBBA National League 1989-90

*Burgerland Neptune18180  36
*Jameson St. Vincent’s18135  26
*Roadspeed Corinthians18135  26
*Harp Ballina1899  18
Dawn Milk Blue Demons18810  16
Premier Dairies Killester18612  12
Radio South North Monastery18612  12
St. Declan’s Perri18612  12
Garvey’s Tralee18612  12
Tennents Sligo18513  10


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Jameson St. Vincent’s81Harp Ballina81


Note: Title Awarded to Jameson St. Vincent’s. Harp Ballina refused to play overtime due to a controversial refereeing decision.

IBBA National League 1990-91

Burgerland Neptune16133  26
Connacht Gold Ballina16115  22
Jameson St. Vincent’s16106  20
North Monastery 96’ers16106  20
Lucozade Sport Killester1697  18
Dawn Milk Blue Demons1679  14
St. Declan’s16610  12
Marathon Limerick George16511  10
Cookstown Glenavon16115  2


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Neptune92North Monastery91 ot



The Amateur Basketball Association of Ireland relented on its no paid professionals rule after St. Vincent’s of Killarney brought in two professionals from the United States in 1979. Seeing how many fans it was bringing in the Association legalised the import of paid players from USA, and changed its name to the Irish Basketball Association to reflect this change in 1980.

St. Vincent’s Killarney would run away with the League and Top Four Championships that year, and the following year the other clubs followed suit by bringing in players from the United States.

Blue Demons of Cork would win the League in 1980-81, as Munster Clubs dominated the League over the next decade. Gleneagle Killarney would win the League the following year and from 1982 to 1991 the great Neptune team of the era would win seven out of nine league titles – only Blue Demons interrupting this streak in 1983-84 and 1988-89.

St. Vincent’s of Glasnevin in Dublin were the only team to break this Cork and Kerry stranglehold by winning the Top four Championship in 1982-83, 1983-84, 1985-86 and 1989-90, but the League would belong to Cork and Kerry.

In 1991 the League made the decision to cut the number of imports a team was allowed to bring in from two to one and merged the two Divisions into one Super League. It was thought Irish players were able to make the step up to Pro but the fans lost interest with only one American and the Golden Era was over.




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Note: Copies of The Irish Independent, Irish Press & Irish Examiner are available to view online at the Irish Newspaper Archive: which is a subscription service.


Thanks to John Folan.

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