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XFL 2020

XFL 2020 Logo [4]


New York Guardians
DC Defenders
Tampa Bay Vipers
St. Louis Battlehawks
Dallas Renegades
Seattle Dragons
Houston Roughnecks
Los Angeles Wildcats

Reference: [1]


DateTimeTVHome TeamAway Team
18.04.202015:00 ETFOXEast 1East 2
19.04.202015:00 ETESPNWest 1West 2
26.04.202015:00 ETESPNEastWest

Reference: [2]

Regular Season

DateTimeTVHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
08.02.202014:00 ETABCDC DefendersSeattle Dragons
08.02.202017:00 ETFOXHouston RoughnecksLos Angeles Wildcats
09.02.202014:00 ETFOXNew York GuardiansTampa Bay Vipers
09.02.202018:00 ETESPNDallas RenegadesSt. Louis Battlehawks
Week 2
15.02.202014:00 ETABCDC DefendersNew York Guardians
15.02.202017:00 ETFOXSeattle DragonsTampa Bay Vipers
16.02.202015:00 ETABCLos Angeles WildcatsDallas Renegades
16.02.202018:00 ETFS1Houston RoughnecksSt. Louis Battlehawks
Week 3
22.02.202014:00 ETABCTampa Bay VipersHouston Roughnecks
22.02.202017:00 ETFOXSeattle DragonsDallas Renegades
23.02.202015:00 ETESPNSt. Louis BattlehawksNew York Guardians
23.02.202018:00 ETFS1Los Angeles WildcatsDC Defenders
Week 4
29.02.202014:00 ETABCNew York GuardiansLos Angeles Wildcats
29.02.202017:00 ETFOXSt. Louis BattlehawksSeattle Dragons
01.03.202016:00 ETFS1Dallas RenegadesHouston Roughnecks
01.02.202019:00 ETESPN2Tampa Bay VipersDC Defenders
Week 5
07.03.202014:00 ETABCHouston RoughnecksSeattle Dragons
07.03.202017:00 ETFOXDallas RenegadesNew York Guardians
08.03.202015:00 ETFS1DC DefendersSt. Louis Battlehawks
08.03.202018:00 ETESPNLos Angeles WildcatsTampa Bay Vipers
Week 6
14.03.202014:00 ETABCNew York GuardiansHouston Roughnecks
14.03.202017:00 ETFS2Tampa Bay VipersSt. Louis Battlehawks
15.03.202016:00 ETFS1DC DefendersDallas Renegades
15.03.202019:00 ETESPN2Seattle DragonsLos Angeles Wildcats
Week 7
21.03.202014:00 ETABCTampa Bay VipersDallas Renegades
21.03.202017:00 ETFOXSt. Louis BattlehawksLos Angeles Wildcats
22.03.202015:00 ETABCSeattle DragonsNew York Guardians
22.03.202018:00 ETFS1Houston RoughnecksDC Defenders
Week 8
28.03.202014:00 ETABCDC DefendersTampa Bay Vipers
28.03.202017:00 ETFOXNew York GuardiansSt. Louis Battlehawks
29.03.202015:00 ETABCLos Angeles WildcatsHouston Roughnecks
29.03.202018:00 ETFS1Dallas RenegadesSeattle Dragons
Week 9
02.04.202020:00 ETFOXHouston RoughnecksDallas Renegades
04.04.202014:00 ETABCNew York GuardiansDC Defenders
05.04.202012:00 ETESPNSt. Louis BattlehawksTampa Bay Vipers
05.04.202018:00 ETFS1Los Angeles WildcatsSeattle Dragons
Week 10
09.04.202020:00 ETFOXNew York GuardiansLos Angeles Wildcats
11.04.202014:00 ETABCSeattle DragonsHouston Roughnecks
12.04.202015:00 ETABCSt. Louis BattlehawksDC Defenders
12.04.202020:00 ETFS1Tampa Bay VipersNew York Guardians

Reference: [2]


The XFL 2020 is the second incarnation of Vince McMahon’s rival Pro Football League to the National Football League and Canadian Football League.

He started the original XFL in 2001 after being refused a license for a CFL team, and sought to bring Football back to its Hard-Working Class roots. At the time the NFL was starting to cut down on touchdown celebrations and bring in more laws protecting the quarterback, and was called the “No Fun League” by its detractors. Vince McMahon named all of the teams in the original XFL after criminals or extreme mental illnesses, and brought in hard-hitting rules, that aimed to bring the hard-nosed element among the working classes back into the game, by making it more like the Football of a century previously.

The original XFL, however, failed to bring in an audience, as it was seen as deviating too much from the standard rules of football. [3]

This version of the XFL promises closer rules to the NFL, and has still used extreme names, just not criminal, or mentally ill.

While it positions itself as a Major League rival to the NFL & CFL, it can be thought of as more of a AAA Football League.



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