Olympic Handball, Senior Leagues

Irish Olympic Handball Association | Senior Women League 2019-20

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Dublin City11001112
UC Dublin10011110
Dublin International0000000
UC Cork0000000

Reference: [1]

Results & Fixtues

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
12.10.2019Dublin City11UC Dublin1 #
Week 2
19.10.2019AstraDublin City
Week 3
03.11.2019Dublin InternationalUC Cork
Week 4
16.11.2019Dublin CityAstra
16.11.2019UC CorkDublin International
Week 5
23.11.2019UC CorkDublin City
23.11.2019UC DublinAstra
Week 6
01.12,2019UC CorkAstra
01.12.2019UC DublinDublin City
Week 7
07.12.2019Dublin CityDublin International
07.12.2019AstraUC Dublin
Week 8
14.12.2019AstraDublin International
Week 9
18.01.2020UC DublinUC Cork
19.01.2020Dublin InternationalDublin City
Week 10
25.01.2020UC DublinAstra
Week 11
01.02.2020Dublin CityUC Dublin
01.02.2020AstraUC Cork
Week 12
08.02.2020Dublin CityDublin International
08.02.2020UC CorkUC Dublin
Week 13
15.02.2020UC CorkAstra
Week 14
22.02.2020AstraDublin City
23.02.2020Dublin InternationalUC Dublin
Week 15
29.02.2020UC CorkDublin City
29.02.2020UC DublinDublin International
Week 16
08.03.2020Dublin InternationalUC Cork
Week 17
21.03.2020AstraDublin International
21.03.2020Dublin CityUC Cork
Week 18
05.04.2020Dublin InternationalAstra
Week 19
18.04.2020UC DublinUC Cork

Reference: [1]



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[2] Irish Olympic Handball Association Facebook Page (2017) Facebook Photo 2017 [Internet] Available from: https://www.facebook.com/IrelandHandball/photos/a.130457087021594.25309.130456927021610/704450462955584/?type=1&theater [Accessed 18 February 2017]


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