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Irish Olympic Handball Association | Senior Men League 2019-20

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Dublin City22007837414
Astra / Wings10011837-190
UC Dublin10011941-220
Dublin International00000000
UC Cork00000000

Reference: [1]

Results & Fixtures

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
12.10.2019Dublin City41UC Dublin19
Week 2
19.10.2019Astra / Wings18Dublin City37
Week 3
03.11.2019Dublin InternationalUC Cork
Week 4
16.11.2019Dublin CityAstra / Wings
16.11.2019UC CorkDublin International
Week 5
23.11.2019UC CorkDublin City
23.11.2019UC DublinAstra / Wings
Week 6
01.12.2019UC CorkAstra / Wings
01.12.2019UC DublinDublin City
Week 7
07.12.2019Dublin CityDublin International
07.12.2019Astra / WingsUC Dublin
Week 8
14.12.2019Astra / WingsDublin International
Week 9
18.01.2019UC DublinUC Cork
19.01.2019Dublin InternationalDublin City
Week 10
25.01.2019UC DublinAstra / Wings
Week 11
01.02.2019Astra / WingsUC Cork
01.02.2019Dublin CityUC Dublin
Week 12
08.02.2019Dublin CityDublin International
08.02.2019UC CorkUC Dublin
Week 13
15.02.2019UC CorkAstra / Wings
Week 14
22.02.2019Astra / WingsDublin City
23.02.2019Dublin InternationalUC Dublin
Week 15
29.02.2019UC CorkDublin City
29.02.2019UC DublinDublin International
Week 16
08.03.2019Dublin InternationalUC Cork
Week 17
21.03.2019Dublin CityUC Cork
21.03.2019Astra / WingsDublin International
Week 18
05.04.2019Dublin InternationalAstra / Wings
Week 19
18.04.2019UC DublinUC Cork

Reference: [1]



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[2] Irish Olympic Handball Association Facebook Page (2017) Facebook Photo 2017 [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 18 February 2017]


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