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Northwest Football League 1979-1986

Northwest Football League 1979

Olympic Division
*Seattle Cavaliers10730166154.700
*Portland Thunderbirds10640220187.600
Bremerton Chiefs1028064253.200
Sedro-Wooley Raiders10010040289.000
Cascade Division
*Pierce County Bengals101000437301.000
*Spokane Golden Hawks10820281107.800
Burien Flyers10550238201.500
Edmonds Chargers1028048287.200

Reference: [1]

DateHome TeamAway Team
27.10.1979Pierce County Bengals63Portland Thunderbirds10
27.10.1979Spokane Golden Hawks43Seattle Cavaliers7
NWFL Championship
10.11.1979Pierce County Bengals12Spokane Golden Hawks9 ot

Reference: [1]

Northwest International Alliance 1980

*Burlington Raiders65105724.833
*Bremerton Chiefs64203560.667
West Seattle62409260.333
Vancouver Panthers6060040.000

Reference: [1]

DateHome TeamAway Team
NWIA Championship
01.11.1980Bremerton Chiefs7Burlington Raiders6 ot

Reference: [1]

Pacific Northwest Football League 1980

*Pierce County Bengals770022371.000
Spokane Golden Hawks73407887.429
Portland Thunderbirds725071190.286
Burien Flyers725063142.286

Reference: [1]

DateHome TeamAway Team
West Coast Championship
1980Pierce County Bengals23Twin City (CA) Cougars28

Reference: [1]

Northwest International Alliance 1981

*Seattle Cavaliers8620.750
*West Seattle Warhawks8530158131.625
*Skagit Valley Raiders8530154106.625
*Bremerton Chiefs8440130107.500
Vancouver Blue Bombers8080.000

Reference: [1]

DateHome TeamAway Team
07.11.1981Seattle Cavaliers11Bremerton Chiefs10
07.11.1981West Seattle Warhawks3Skagit Valley Raiders10
NWIA Championship
14.11.1981Seattle Cavaliers14Skagit Valley Raiders2

Reference: [1]

Northwest Football League 1982

*Oregon City Steelheads8800221351.000
*Beaverton Grizzlies862017988.750
*Burlington Raiders8530132126.625
*West Seattle Warhawks8350132147.375
Burien Vikings8350114147.375
Seattle Cavaliers826074182.250
Bremerton Chiefs817086171.125

Reference: [1]

DateHome TeamAway Team
31.10.1982Oregon City Steelheads44West Seattle Warhawks15
31.10.1982Beaverton Grizzlies22Burlington Raiders6
NWFL Championship
13.11.1982Oregon City Steelheads14Beaverton Grizzlies27

Reference: [1]

Northwest Football League 1983

*Portland Steelheads7700152711.000
*Spokane Fury642011079.667
*Burlington Raiders743014494.571
*West Seattle Warhawks743011794.571
Astoria Vikings7430116171.571
Seattle Cavaliers71605888.143
Beaverton Grizzlies707079172.000

Reference: [1]

DateHome TeamAway Team
29.10.1983Spokane Fury26Burlington Raiders15
30.10.1983Portland Steelheads41West Seattle Warhawks13
NWFL Championship
06.11.1983Portland Steelheads24Spokane Fury3

Reference: [1]

Northwest Football League 1984

*Auburn Panthers88001831101.000
*Spokane Fury8530183100.625
*Eastside Express8530217149.625
*Skagit Valley Raiders8530178129.625
Sno-King Blue Knights8530153139.625
West Seattle Warhawks844063106.500
Vancouver Grizzlies8350170172.375
Peninsula Pioneers817068179.125
Seattle Cavaliers808044150.000

Reference: [1]

DateHome TeamAway Team
27.10.1984Auburn Panthers12Skagit Valley Raiders6
27.10.1984Spokane Fury32Bellevue Express16
NWFL Championship
03.11.1984Auburn Panthers20Spokane Fury12

Reference: [1] Note: Eastside Express & Bellevue Express are the same team.

Northwest Football League 1985

Northern Division
*Spokane Fury10730263119.700
Sno-King Blue Knights10730274134.700
Skagit Valley Raiders10370145217.300
Seattle Cavaliers10010021330.000
Southern Division
*Auburn Panthers101000274541.000
*Salem Stars10730212222.700
West Seattle Warhawks10460143141.400
Eastside Express10280106228.200

Reference: [1]

DateHome TeamAway Team
19.10.1985Auburn Panthers36Everett Blue Knights 3
20.10.1985Spokane Fury7Salem Stars33
NWFL Championship
26.10.1985Auburn Panthers19Salem Stars3

Reference: [1] Note: Everett Blue Knights known as Sno-King Blue Knights for sponsorship reasons.

Northwest Football League 1986

*Auburn Panthers121200503431.000
*Eastside Express12840283161.667
*Skagit Valley Raiders12840400195.667
*West Seattle Warhawks12840209141.667
Salem Stars12390117269.250
Seattle Cavaliers12210083405.167
Sno-King Blue Knights12111073454.083

Reference: [1]

DateHome TeamAway Team
25.10.1986Auburn Panthers28Eastside Express0
26.10.1986Skagit Valley Raiders20West Seattle Warhawks0
NWFL Championship
01.11.1986Auburn Panthers52Skagit Valley Raiders7

Reference: [1]


The Northwest Football League was a Semi-Pro Football League operating in Washington State and Oregon State (USA) & British Columbia (Canada) from 1971 until 2010 when it was replaced by the Greater Northwest Football Association. It includes the histories of a number of successive leagues, such as the Northwest International Football League 1971-1973, the Northwest Football League of 1974-1979, the Northwest International Alliance 1980-1981, the Pacific Northwest Football League 1980, and the Northwest Football League 1981-2010.


Internet Archive

[1] Northwest Football League (1999) NWFL Archives | League Standings 1979-1986 [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 29 November 2019]


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