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Relocation Football League (Madden NFL) 2016-Present

Relocation Football League Logo [Reference: 8]

Season 1

North Division
San Antonio Dreadnoughts106
Brooklyn Bulls88
Oklahoma City Bisons115
Salt Lake City Pioneers79
South Division
Chicago Cougars115
Toronto Huskies106
Orlando Sentinels97
Los Angeles Red Dragons88
East Division
Dublin Celtic Tigers133
London Bulldogs115
London Black Knights88
Mexico City Conquistadores412
West Division
Portland River Hogs124
Columbus Aviators115
Austin Armadillos106
Houston Voyageurs610
Relocaation Football League Final standings Season 1 [Reference: 1]

Note: Prior to NFC Expansion

RFL Season 2

North Division
San Antonio Dreadnoughts124
Brooklyn Bulls97
Oklahoma City Bisons97
Salt Lake City Pioneers97
South Division
Los Angeles Red Dragons151
Toronto Huskies133
Orlando Sentinels97
Chicago Cougars88
East Division
Dublin Celtic Tigers133
Mexico City Conquistadores124
London Black Knights97
London Bulldogs88
West Division
Columbus Aviators106
Portland River Hogs97
Austin Armadillos88
Houston Voyageurs610
North Division
Mexico City Diablos124
Toronto Thunderbirds115
London Monarchs88
Dublin Shamrocks79
South Division
Columbus Voyageurs133
Oklahoma City Lancers106
San Antonio Marshalls106
Brooklyn Barons88
East Division
Portland Snowhawks133
Sacramento Condors106
Chicago Tigers106
Austin Desperados97
West Division
Los Angeles Crusaders115
St. Louis Gunners106
Memphis Steamers97
Salt Lake City Elks97
Relocation Football League Season 2 Standings [Reference: 2]

RFL Season 3 2018

North Division
Brooklyn Bulls1150
Oklahoma City Bisons1051
San Antonio Dreadnoughts871
Salt Lake City Pioneers790
South Division
Orlando Sentinels1240
Toronto Huskies1060
Los Angeles Red Dragons970
Chicago Cougars880
East Division
London Black Knights1330
Dublin Celtic Tigers1150
Mexico City Conquistadores1150
London Bulldogs880
West Division
Portland River Hogs1150
Houston Voyageurs1060
Columbus Aviators1060
Austin Armadillos1060
North Division
Toronto Thunderbirds1330
London Monarchs1060
Mexico City Diablos970
Dublin Shamrocks880
South Division
San Antonio Marshalls1240
Columbus Explorers1150
Oklahoma City Lancers970
Brooklyn Barons880
East Division
Portland Snowhawks1150
Sacramento Condors1150
Chicago Tigers1150
Austin Desperados1060
West Division
St. Louis Gunners1510
Los Angeles Crusaders1060
Salt Lake City Elks880
Memphis Steamers4120
Relocation Football League Season 3 Standings 2018 [Reference: 3]

RFL Season 4 2019

North Division
Brooklyn Bulls1231
Oklahoma City Bisons1150
Salt Lake City Pioneers871
San Antonio Dreadnoughts790
South Division
Toronto Huskies1240
Chicago Cougars1150
Orlando Sentinels1150
San Diego Red Dragons970
East Division
Mexico City Conquistadores1150
Dublin Celtic Tigers1060
London Bulldogs1060
London Black Knights880
West Division
Columbus Aviators1150
Austin Armadillos1060
Portland River Hogs970
Houston Voyageurs970
North Division
Toronto Thunderbirds1330
Dublin Shamrocks1060
Mexico City Diablos970
London Monarchs970
South Division
San Antonio Marshalls1240
Columbus Exploers1150
Oklahoma City Lancers970
Brooklyn Barons880
East Division
Portland Snowhawks1150
Austin Desperados1060
Chicago Tigers1060
Sacramento Condors1060
West Division
Houston Gunners1150
Salt Lake City Elks961
San Diego Crusaders970
Memphis Steamers871
Relocation Football League Season 4 Standings 2019 [Reference: 4]
DateHome TeamAway Team
Wild Card Round
01.06.2019Columbus AviatorsLChicago CougarsW
01.06.2019Houston GunnersWDublin ShamrocksL
02.06.2019Mexico City ConquistadorsWOrlando SentinelsL
02.06.2019Portland SnowhawksLColumbus ExplorersW
Divisional Round
08.06.2019Brooklyn BullsLChicago CougarsW
08.06.2019San Antonio MarshallsLHouston GunnersW
09.06.2019Toronto HuskiesWMexico city ConquistadoresL
09.06.2019Toronto ThunderbirdsWColumbus ExplorersL
Conference Round
15.06.2019Toronto HuskiesWChicago CougarsL
16.06.2019Toronto ThunderbirdsWHouston GunnersL
Relocation Bowl 4
30.06.2019Toronto Thunderbirds31Toronto Huskies34
Relocation Football League Season 4 Playoffs 2019 [Reference: 5;7]

RFL Teams & Head Coaches

TeamHead Coach
NFC North
Brooklyn BaronsRoland Woods Sr.
Columbus ExplorersBill Nicholson
Toronto ThunderbirdsMark Kozyra
Chicago TigersNo Coach
NFC South
Austin DesperadosWill Hooks
Mexico City DiablosNo Coach
Oklahoma City LancersNoah Regier
San Antonio MarshallsJoshua Rummel
NFC East
Houston GunnersGe’Rell James
London MonarchsNo Coach
Dublin ShamrocksSteve Forsey
Memphis SteamersJustin Jones Sr.
NFC West
Sacramento CondorsNick Laramie
San Diego CrusadersChristian Bacigaluppi
Salt Lake City ElksMarshall Law
Portland SnowhawksMitchell O’Brien Sr.
AFC North
Columbus AviatorsNo Coach
Brooklyn BullsJeff Melinyshyn
Chicago CougarsRob Roby
Toronto HuskiesMark Chizz
AFC South
Austin ArmadillosAnthony Goods
Oklahoma City BisonsSaeed Gore
Mexico City ConquistadoresLevant Mercer
AFC East
London Black KnightsRoberto DeMoura
London BulldogsDakota Case
Dublin Celtic TigersNo Coach
Orlando SentinelsTor Armstrong
AFC West
Salt Lake City PioneersNo Coach
San Diego Red DragonsCorey Davis
Portland River HogsAustin Briley
Houston VoyageursNo Coach
Relocation Football League Teams & Managers 2019 [Reference: 6]


The Relocation Football League is a Madden NFL Computer Console Game which utilises the ability of the users to relocate teams to American or International cities that currently have no NFL team.

The NFL is the National Football League, or Major League of American Football, and Madden is John Madden, a famous TV Commentator who lent his name to the Computer Game Franchise whereby players take control of players in an online game. The NFL & Madden names are both licensed by the manufacturers of the game.

The Head Coaches are real people, who take control of a team’s playing and rosters. Players are based on actual NFL players, or can be created from scratch by the users.



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Social Media

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