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Indoor Football League 2009-2012

Indoor Football League Alternate Logo [2]

IFL 2009

Atlantic Conference
*Maryland Maniacs141040546498.714
*Rochester Raiders14950673450.642
*River City Rage14860615523.571
Central Conference
*Omaha Beef141130704649.786
*Bloomington Extreme141040614398.714
*Wichita Wild14860615523.571
Sioux Falls14680712455.428
Sioux City144100450645.286
Pacific Division
*Billings oulaws141220833460.857
*Fairbanks Grizzlies14770629697.500
*Colorado Ice14590625595.357
Lone Star Division
*El Paso Generals141220801577.857
*Abilene Ruff Riders14860551515.571
*San Angelo Stampede Express14590679789.357
Corpus Christi14590557593.357
Indoor Football League Standings 2009 [Reference: 1]
Home TeamAway Team
1st RoundUnited Conferece
Wichita Wild46Bloomington Extreme37
River City Rage45Rochester Raiders42
1st RoundIntense Conference
San Angelo Stampede Express37Abilene Ruff Riders34
Colorado Ice14Fairbanks Grizzlies42
Second RoundUnited Conference
Wichita Wild39Omaha Beef34
Maryland Maniacs31River City Rage34
Second RoundIntense Conference
Fairbanks Grizzlies7Billings Outlaws50
San Angelo Stampede Express37El Paso Generals75
Conference FinalsUnited Conference
Wichita Wild20River City Rage43
Conference FinalsIntense Conference
El Paso Generals35Billings Oulaws66
2009 United Bowl
River City Rage62Billings Oulaws71
Indoor Football League Playoffs 2009 [Reference: 1]

IFL 2010

Atlantic Division
*Richmond Revolution141310663489.928
*Rochester Raiders14950641554.642
West Michigan14590606728.357
Maryland Maniacs141130370644.071
Central Division
*Green Bay blizzard141040686538.714
*Bloomington Extreme14950497435.642
*Chicago Slaughter14680577543.428
La Crosse143110355565.214
Central West Division
*Sioux Falls Storm141130665524.786
*Omaha Beef14950737557.642
*Wichita Wild14950639522.642
Sioux City144100539726.286
Central East Division
*Arkansas Diamonds141130533423.786
*San Angelo Stampede Express141040603521.714
*Corpus Christi14680501567.429
Lone Star Conference
*Amarillo Venom141130702509.786
*West Texas Roughnecks14770594685.500
Abilene Ruff Riders142120544644.143
Pacific Division
*Billings Oulaws141220740521.856
*Fairbanks Grizzlies14950639641.642
*Tri-Cities Fever14770670646.500
Indoor Football League Standings 2010 [Reference: 1]
Home TeamAway Team
1st RoundUnited Conference
Wichita Wild61Bloomington Extreme48
Green Bay Blizzard39Chicago Slaughter46
Sioux Falls Storm42Omaha Beef23
Richmond Revolution24Rochester Raiders26
1st RoundIntense Conference
Arkansas Diamonds44Corpus Christi29
Billings Outlaws54Tri-Cities Fever45
Amarillo Venom56West Texas Roughnecks35
San Angelo Stampede Express45Fairbanks Grizzlies35
Second RoundUnited Conference
Wichita Wild45Rochester Raiders33
Sioux Falls Storm47Chicago Slaughter33
Second RoundIntense Conference
Billings Outlaws68San Angelo Stampede Express39
Amarillo Venom31Arkansas Diamonds36
Conference FinalsUnited Conference
Sioux Falls Storm52Wichita Wild34
Conference FinalsIntense Conference
Billings Outlaws53Arkansas Diamonds42
2010 United Bowl
Billings Outlaws43Sioux Falls Storm34
Indoor Football League Playoffs 2010 [Reference: 1]

IFL 2011

Atlantic Division
*Reading Express14860525517.571
Lehigh Valley Steelhawks144100432595.286
Richmond Revolution143110442593.214
Great Lakes Division
*Green Bay Blizzard141130764505.786
*Bloomington Extreme14950560473.642
*Chicago Slaughter14860624627.571
La Crosse14590495633.357
Central West Division
*Sioux Falls Storm1413101022457.927
*Omaha Beef14950615523.642
Wichita Wild14680571618.428
Nebraska Danger143110602788.214
Lone Star Conference
*Allen Wranglers141040664502.714
*West Texas Roughnecks141040650391.571
Amarillo Venom144100529522.286
Mountain West Conference
*Colorado Ice141130671476.786
*Wyoming Cavalry14950657555.642
Pacific Division
*Fairbanks Grizzlies141040721545.714
*Tri-Cities Fever141040812575.714
Wenatchee Valley143110508845.214
Indoor Football League Standings 2012 [Reference: 1]
Home TeamAway Team
1st RoundUnited Conference
Reading Express76Chicago Slaughter33
Bloomington Extreme34Omaha Beef39
1st RoundIntense Conference
Allen Wranglers27Wyomong Cavalry20
Tri-Cities Fever61West Texas Roughnecks49
Second RoundUnited Conference
Sioux Falls Storm52Omaha Beef39
Green Bay Blizzard68Reading Express51
Second RoundIntense Conference
Fairbanks Grizzlies54Allen Wranglers72
Colorado Ice42Tri-Cities Fever45
Conference FinalsUnited Conference
Sioux Falls Storm52Green Bay Blizzard12
Conference FinalsIntense Conference
Allen Wranglers46Tri-Cities Fever67
2011 United Bowl
Sioux Falls Storm37Tri-Cities Fever10
Indoor Football League Playoffs 2011 Reference: [1]

IFL 2012

United Conference
*Sioux Falls Storm1414009415631.000
*Green Bay Blizzrd141130787586.786
*Bloomington Edge141040673604.714
*Lehigh Valley Steelhawks14680605615.428
Omaha Beef14680635696.428
Chicago Slaughter14680657714.428
Cedar Rapids Titans144100491630.285
Reading Express142120534773.142
Intense Conference
*Tri-Cities Fever141220750619.856
*Allen Wranglers14950842670.642
*Wichita Wild14860658681.571
*Colorado Ice14860681595.571
Nebraska Danger14590664721.357
Wyoming Cavalry144100619762.285
New Mexico142120541764.142
Indoor Football League Standings 2012 [Reference: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
Conference Semi-Finals
22.06.2012Tri-Cities Fever52Colorado Ice42
23.06.2012Sioux Falls Storm79Lehigh Valley Steelhawks21
23.06.2012Green Bay Blizzard51Bloomington Edge30
25.06.2012Allen Wranglers40WichitaWild43
Conference Final
29.06.2012Tri-Cities Fever51Wichita Wild30
30.06.2012Sioux Falls Storm61Green Bay Blizzard42
2012 United Bowl
14.07.2012Sioux Falls Storm59Tri-Cities Fever32
Indoor Football League Playoffs 2012 [Reference: 1]


Billings won the first two United Bowls, defeating Sioux Falls in the Final in the second one in 2010. Sioux Falls went on to win the 2011 United Bowl, the start of a dynasty for the team.


The Indoor Football League is a AA Professional American Football League, playing 8v8 Arena Football, which was founded in 2009 from the merger of the United Football League and the Intense Football League. Its’ reach was National in USA as it was notable for being the first Pro League to put teams in Alaska. In 2012 it became a Western States League after losing its Eastern franchises.


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