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Badminton Ireland National Champions Ladies Singles 1912-Present

Badminton Ireland Logo [Ref: 2]


1912H. Pigot
1913no competition
1914E.F. Stewart
1915-1919No Competition
1920No competition
1921No Competition
1922No Competition
1923D. Pilkington
1924D. Pilkington
1925D. Pilkington
1926D. Pilkington
1928-1931No Competition
1935Mavis Macnaughton
1936Mavis Macnaughton
1952Jean Lawlesa
1953S. Moore
1956Yvonne Kelly
1957Yvonne Kelly
1958Yvonne Kelly
1959Mary O’Sullivan
1960Mary O’Sullivan
1961Yvonne Kelly
1962Mary O’Sullivan
1963Mary O’Sullivan
1964Mary O’Sullivan
1965Yvonne Kelly
1966Mary Bryan
1967Yvonne Kelly
1968Mary Bryan
1969Mary Bryan
1971Mary Bryan
1972Mary Bryan
1973Barbara Beckett
1974Barbara Beckett
1975Barbara Beckett
1976Barbara Beckett
1977Dorothy Cunningham
1978Barbara Beckett
1979Barbara Beckett
1980Lynn McCrave
1981Diane Underwood
1982Diane Underwood
1983Barbara Beckett
1984Ciara Doherty
1985Ciara Doherty
1986Barbara Beckett
1987Maeve Moynihan
1988No competition
1989Ciara Doherty
1990Ciara Doherty
1991Ciara Doherty
1992Ciara Doherty
1993Sonya McGinn
1994Sian Williams
1995Elaine Kiley
1996Keelin Fox
1997Elaine Liley
1998Sonya McGinn
1999Sonya McGinn
2000Sonya McGinn
2001Claire Henderson
2002Huang Bing
2003Jennie King
2004Huang Bing
2006Keelin Fox
2007Chloe McGee
2008Chloe McGee
2009Chloe McGee
2010Chloe McGee
2011Chloe McGee
2012Chloe McGee
2013Chloe McGee
2014Chloe McGee
2015Chloe McGee
2016Chloe McGee
2017Rachael Darragh
2018Rachael Darragh
2019Kate Frost
2020Sara Boyle
Badminton Ireland National Champions Ladies Singles 1912-Present [Ref: 1]


The Badminton Ireland National Championships have been running since 1912, with breaks for the First World War (1915-1919) and the Second World War (1937-1947).

The most championships in the Ladies Singles have been Chloe McGee (10: 2007-2016), Barbara Beckett (7: 1973-1976 & 1978-1979), Yvonne Kelly (6: 1956-1958; 1961; 1965; 1967), Mary O@Sullivan (5: 1959-1960; 1962-1964), Mary Bryan (5: 1966; 1968-1969 & 1971-1972), D. Pilkington (3: 1923-1925) and M.Hamilton (3: 1932-1934).



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Thanks to Joan Collins (Knocklyon Badminton Club).

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