Tohoku Collegiate American Football Association TCAA (Japan) 2018-19


Division 1
*Tohoku University Hornets4400228268
Tohoku Gakuin University Kayaks4310981046
Iwate University Bisons4220671034
Hirosaki University Star Kings4130421062
Yamagata University Tom Cats4040521280
Division 2
+Akita University Augers320190205
+Sendai University Silver Falcons3201111545
Nihon University College of Engineering312055922
Tohoku Industrial University3030281180
Tohoku Collegiate American Football Association Final Standings 2019 [Ref: 1]

All-Japan Championship

North Japan ChampionshipTohoku Region v Hokkaido Region
11.03.2019Tohoku University Hornets38Hokkai Gakuin University14
East Japan ChampionshipKanto Region v North Japan
2019Waseda University55Tohoku University Hornets 14
All Japan Championship 2019 [Ref: 1-2]

Entry Replacement (Division 2 to Division 1)

Division 1 Championship
2019Sendai University14Hirosaki University10
Entry ReplacementDivision 1 Bottom v Division 2 Top
2019Sendai University20Yamagata University7
Tohoku Collegiate American Football Association Entry Replacement 2019 [Ref: 1]

Results Division 1

Toh UToh CIwa UHir UYam U
Tohoku Universityxxx61-1956-051-750-0
Tohoku Collegexxx23-2124-832-14
Iwata Universityxxx14-332-21
Hirosaki Universityxxx24-17
Yamagata Universityxxx
Tohoku Collegiate American Football Association Division 1 Results 2019 [Ref: 1]

Results Division 2

Akita Universityxxx20-2027-043-0
Sendai Universityxxx51-2040-14
Nihon University College of Engineeringxxx35-14
Tohoku Industrial Universityxxx
Tohoku Collegiate American Football Association Division 2 Results 2019 [Ref: 1]


Tohoku University Hornets won the Tohoku Collegiate American Football Association Championship with a 4-0 Won-Lost Record, then beat Hokkaido representatives, Hokkai Gakuin University 38-14 in the North Japan Championship, before falling 55-14 to Waseda University in the East Japan Championship.

Tohoku Region is the Northeastern Region of Japan, on Honshu Island, the biggest Island in Japan.



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