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Irish American Football League Officials 2007

Shamrock Bowl XXI Logo [Ref: 3]

Shamrock Bowl XXI 2007 Officials

RefereeDennis Desmond
UmpireDavid Considine
LinesmanRalph Schmeer
Line JudgeCillian Smith
Field JudgeMichael Smith
Side JudgeTony Rivers
Irish American Football League Officials – Shamrock Bowl XXI 2007 [Ref: 2]


Dennis Desmond was Crew Chief and Referee for Shamrock Bowl XXI. He had 22 years experience as a National Collegiate Athletic Association in the United States of America, including Playoff and Bowl Games. It was his second year as a IAFA Referee. He was also on the European Federation list.

This was the most experienced of Shamrock Bowl Officials up to this time, with a total of 35 years Shamrock Bowl experience behind them, including at least three Shamrock Bowls each. Three of the Officials were on the European Federation list of Officials for Internationals [Ref: 2]

Shamrock Bowl XXI Officials 2007 [Ref: 4]



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Thanks to Cillian Smith, Michael Smith, Ralph Schmeer and Michael Brophy of the Irish American Officials Association.

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