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NUI Maynooth Phantoms Irish Flag Football Team Roster and Match Reports 2013-14

NUI Maynooth Phantoms Logo 2010-2014 [Ref; ]

Composite Table 2013-14

Dublin Vipers8512  16
Mullingar Minotaurs5311  10
Edenderry Eagles7232  8
NUI Maynooth Phantoms7151  4
South Kildare Soldiers1010  0
Compiled from results

Results 2013-14

VB09.11.2013VipersEdenderry EaglesL
Exh01.03.2014NUIMDublin VipersL
NUIM G03.05.2014NUIMMullingar MinotaursL7-27
NUIM G03.05.2014NUIMEdenderry EaglesL12-26
NUIM G03.05.2014NUIMDublin VipersT34-34
NUIM SF03.05.2014NUIMMullingar MinotaursW26-21
NUIM F03.05.2014NUIMDublin VipersL7-28
NUI Maynooth Phantoms Season Results 2013-14 [Ref: 1-7]

Legend: VB = Viper Bowl, Exh = Exhbition / Friendly, NUIM =NUI Maynooth Tournament IV, H/A = Venue.

NUI Maynooth Roster 03 May 2014

Fana CantaCathy Davis
Jake McCoyAlex Simms
Bill RawlingsMichael Krasnow
Chris KaneEoin Hayes
Robert GiffneyThomas McCarty
Adrian DonnerfaustJames Maher
Michael QuinnCormac
Alison Richie
NUI Maynooth Phantoms Season Roster 2013-14 [Ref: 11]

Season Report

NUI Maynooth Phantoms finished the season with a Tournament on campus – the fourth NUI Maynooth Tournament, where they finished fourth in the group stages after losing to Mullingar Minotaurs and Edenderry eagles, before tying with Dublin vipers and winning the Semi-Final against midlands rivals the Minotaurs. In the Final, however, they came up short, losing 7-28 to the Vipers.

Earlier in the season they had competed in the Viper Bowl, losing a match to the Edenderry Eagles, and had played a friendly against the Vipers in Maynooth, also losing.

NUI Maynooth Phantoms Team Photo – 3 May 2015 [Ref: 11]


Social Media

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Thanks to Sean Douglas & Joe Gray, Dublin Vipers. Also thanks to Martha, Fionn, Oliver, Caoimhe Mullaney, Michael O’Callaghan, Sinead, Gateway

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