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Netball Europe Open Challenge 2017

Netball Europe Logo [Ref: 1]

Final Table

Republic of Ireland (C)44001821388
Isle of Man42202211534
United Arab Emirates42201951504
Netball Europe Open Challenge Table [Ref: 2]


Isle of Man42-43xxx80-2042-4357-47
Republic of Ireland39-6443-4256-31xxx44-31
United Arab Emirates35-2947-5782-2031-44xxx
Netball Europe Open Challenge Results 2017 [Ref: 2]


Republic of Ireland won the Netball Europe Open Challenge, the 2nd Division of European Netball in 2017, winning all four matches against Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Israel and United Arab Emirates.



[1] Netball Europe Facebook (2015) Profile Picture, December 14, 2015 [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 27 June 2020]

[2] Netball Europe (2017) Netball Europe Open Challenge & Under 21 Performance 2017 [Internet] Available at: [Accessed 7 June 2019]


Thanks to. Ruth Foy & Caoimhe Foy

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