Softball Leinster Division 1B 2020

Softball Leinster Logo [Ref: 1]


Saucy Hippies (C)5410923922
Renegade Titans5410692922
Wicklow Wolves5230505116
Dublin Bay Packers5302384615
Base Devils5140498313
Softball Leinster Division 1A Standings 2020 [Reference: Compiled from 2 and Result in 10]

Results Division 1B

Week 1
22.07.2020Saucy Hippies14Renegade Titans13
22.07.2020Wicklow Wolves14Base Devils9
22.07.2020Dublin Bay Packers0 #Thunderbolts7
Week 2
29.07.2020Wicklow Wolves0Saucy Hippies17
29.07.2020Renegade Titans7Dublin Bay Packers0 #
29.07.2020Base Devils16Thunderbolts11
Week 3
05.08.2020Saucy Hippies27Base Devils10
05.08.2020Wicklow Wolves11Dublin Bay Packers14
05.08.2020Renegade Titans21Thunderbolts4
Week 4
12.08.2020Saucy Hippies11Dublin Bay Packers13
12.08.2020Base Devils4Renegade Titans20
12.08.2020Wicklow Wolves18Thunderbolts3
Week 5
26.08.2020Dublin Bay Packers11Base Devils10
26.08.2020Renegade Titans8Wicklow Wolves7
09.09.2020Thunderbolts3Saucy Hippies23
Softball Leinster Division 1B Results 2020 [Ref: 2-8; 10]


After a four month delay to the start of the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak, the Softball Leinster Schedule was finally released in July [Ref: 3-4]. A reduced number of teams were able to sign up for a mini-season, with Castleknock, Chuggers, Dodder Dynamites, Marlay, Renegade Beachers and Usual Suspects making up Division 1A. [Ref: 2]

Saucy Hippies took the Division 1B Conference Title with a 23-3 win over Thunderbolts on 9th September, a week after the rest of the Conference. They finished tied with Renegade Titans on 22 Points (4 wins 1 Loss each) but won the title on both runs difference and head-to-head having beaten Renegade Titans 14-13 on 22 July. The Saucy Hippies one loss came on 12 August against Dublin Bay Packers who would have won the title if they had played and won two games they forfeited against Thunderbolts and Renegade Titans at the start of the season, having won all other three matches.

Saucy Hippies Team Photo 2020 [Reference: 9]



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