Softball Leinster Weekend League 2020

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Dodder Dynamics108201839244
Galway Tribes1055014314335
Renegade Rogues102808817526
Softball Leinster Weekend League 2020 [References: 2]


DateTimeHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
25.07.202010:00 amSuspects16Humpeties21
25.07.202011:45 amHumpeties8Batpak28
25.07.202011:45 amRenegade Rogues18Suspects20
25.07.20201:30 pmGalway Tribes16Renegade Rogues5
25.07.20201:30 pmBatpak10Dodder Dynamics9
25.07.20203:15 pmDodder Dynamics19Galway Tribes9
Week 2
08.08.202010:00 amDodder Dynamics30Suspects13
08.08.202011:45 amSuspects1Batpak23
08.08.202011:45 amRenegade Rogues2Dodder Dynamics19
08.08.20201:30 pmHumpeties18Renegade Rogues14
08.08.20201:30 pmBatpak25Galway Tribes10
08.08.20203:15 pmGalway Tribes27Humpeties26
Week 3
29.08.202010:00 amBatpak20Renegade Rogues5
29.08.202011:45 amRenegade Rogues12Suspects9
29.08.202011:45 amDodder Dynamics5Batpak13
29.08.20201:30 pmHumpeties14Dodder Dynamics16
29.08.20201:30 pmSuspects10Galway Tribes19
29.08.20203:15 pmGalway Tribes7Humpeties13
Week 4
05.09.202010:00 amRenegade Rogues12Humpeties4
05.09.202011:45 amBatpak26Renegade Rogues5
05.09.202011:45 amHumpeties7Suspects5
05.09.20201:30 pmSuspects5Dodder Dynamics22
05.09.20201:30 pmGalway Tribes2Batpak19
05.09.20203:15 pmDodder Dynamics15Galway Tribes9
Week 5
13.09.202011:00 amBatpak31Humpeties3
13.09.202012:45 pmSuspects2Batpak34
13.09.202012:45 pmHumpeties8Dodder Dynamics23
13.09.20202:30 pmDodder Dynamics25Renegade Rogues9
13.09.20202:30 pmGalway Tribes26Suspects5
13.09.20204:15 pmRenegade Rogues6Galway Tribes18
Softball Leinster Weekend League 2020 [References: 2]


The 2020 season in Softball Leinster had to start late due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, which led to the cancellation of all sporting activity.

For the 2020 season, as part of its reduced season length, Softball Leinster introduced a Weekend League for teams (matches in the Premier Division and Divisions 1 and 2 were usually played from Monday to Wednesday each week). the weekend League included the Galway Tribes, who had no League to play in Connacht.

By the end of August Batpak were out in front in the weekend League with 6 wins from 6, and Dodder Dynamics were in second with a 4-2 Wins-Losses Record. In joint third were Galway Tribes and Hunpeties with a 50% 3-3 record. Bringing up the rear were Renegade Rogues and Suspects with 1-5 records each.

By the end of the season on 13th September 2020 Batpak finished Champions on 10-0 Wins-Losses (50 Pts) with two big wins over Humpeties and Suspects. Dodder Dynamics camesecond with an 8-2 44 Points record, and Galway Tribes just stole third with two wins on the Final Day against Suspects and Renegade Rogues as the Humpeties lost their last two to Dodder and Batpak to finish fourth.

Batpak in Action 2020 [Reference: 11]

Home Fields

TeamHome Field
BatpakSt. Anne’s Park, Raheny
Dodder Dynamics
Galway Tribes
Renegade Rogues



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