8-a-side American Football

8-a-side American Football is a reduced numbers version of the game similar in concept to Rugby sevens and is fully kitted.

It is mainly played in smaller localities or as part of festivals in Ireland’s regions. Teams are usually either 2nds teams of established Irish American Football teams or teams from smaller towns in Ireland who can’t find enough players to field a full 11-a-side American Football team

Below you will find links to the index pages of 8-a-side Leagues and Festival Seasons and International 8-a-side Matches played in Ireland or by Irish teams.

DV8 Football (DV8 Development League 2008-2012 & 8-a-side Festival Matches & Blitz Seasons 1986-2019)

International 8-Man Football (International Junior & 8-a-side Kitted Football)

Junior American Football (The Northern Ireland Junior American League 1986-1992; the IAFA Junior Kitted League 2013-Present & Junior Kitted Blitz Seasons all other years)