About Eirball

The Eirball Irish, North American and World Sports Archive is a Private Research Project by Enda Mulcahy that grew out of a Web Master Design Course in the Irish Academy of Computer Training.

Initially comprising an archive of the results & tables of 12 North American and Global Sports Leagues in Ireland: American Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Netball, Australian Football, Rugby League, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Water Polo, Olympic Handball and Futsal (Indoor Soccer) it has since become an ongoing Research Project, that has grown to include the Gaelic Athletic Association Sports of Rounders, Handball, International Rules, Poc Fada, the World and Celtic Sports which are just starting in Ireland such as Korfball (Dutch), Sepak Takraw (Malaysia-Thailand), Kabaddi (India), Polo (Iran), Polocrosse (Northern Australia) and Alternative and Adventure sports such as Ultimate (Frisbee), Roller Derby, Orienteering, Dodgeball, Surfing, Quidditch, Jugger, Paintball-Airsoft, Laser Tag (Quasar) and Capture the Flag, Orienteering and Wall-Climbing which are being added since 2019-2020.

Extensive work has been done on World Gridiron (World American Football, United States American Football, Arena Indoor Football and Canadian Football). Other Major World Leagues covered in less detail so far are FIFA Soccer (and its Continental Federations), IRB Rugby Union, NRL Rugby League, AFL Australian Football, Major League Baseball and the Minors, NHL Ice Hockey, CHL Canadian Ice Hockey, Champions Hockey League European Ice Hockey, KHL Russian and Eastern Ice Hockey, AHL American Ice Hockey. The mission or aim here is to find what Irish Teams, Players, Coaches or Officials have played or made some sort of connection abroad.

Individual Sports, a collective term for sports played with a racquet, club, cue or mallet have also been included, such as Badminton, Tennis, Squash, Table Tennis, Racketlon, Real Tennis, Racquetball, Padel, Golf, Snooker, Croquet and Polo & Polocrosse. Target Sports have also been added such as Bowling (Lawn, Tenpin, Road and Indoor), Curling, Petanque (Boules), Darts, Archery, Crossbow, Target Shooting since 2019-2020 also.

More recently the Eirball archive has started researching, compiling and writing up the Individual Sports such as the Olympic Sports (Athletics, Swimming, Winter Sports, X-Games, Boxing, Wrestling, Karate, Fencing, Weightlifting, Gymnastics and more Modern Combat Sports such as the Modern American Combat Sports (WWE, MMA, UFC, Gladiating) Modern Martial Arts (Judo, Tae Kwo Do), and World Combat Sports (Sumo and Kickboxing).

Work has started on Power and Racing Sports: Boat Sports (Rowing, Sailing, Canoeing, Speedboat), Bike Sports (Cycling, Mountain Biking, BMX and Motorbike Racing), Motorsports (Motorsport Ireland, Mondello Park, Stock Car Racing), Air Racing (Drone Racing, Air Racing, Hot Air Ballooning), Horse Racing, Equestrian, Harness Racing, Polo & Polocrosse, Greyhound Racing, Pigeon Racing and Modern American Racing & Power Sports (Texas Rodeo, Montana Cowboy Polo, Alaska Dog Mushing, Colorado Pack Burro Racing)

Research has started on the Games: Card Games, Board Games, Table Football, RPGs and LARPS, Computer Games, Wargames and Childrens Games; and also on Musical & Dance Sports: Cheerleading, Ballroom Dancing, Modern American Dance, Fiddle Contests, Battle of the Bands, Rap Contests.

Work has started most recently on Soccer, Rugby Union, Hockey, Cricket and the four Major Gaelic Games (Hurling, Gaelic Football, Camogie and Ladies Gaelic) since the beginning of 2021