AFBN Netherlands American Football Federation Eredivisie 2018


Lelystad Commanders86204812
Hilversum Hurricanes86209112
Arnhem Falcons85305710
Lightning Leiden8350-86
010 Trojans / Spijkenisse Scouts8071-188-2
AFBN Netherlands American Football Federation Eredivisie 2018 [Reference: 2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
18.02.2018Arnhem Falcons38Lightning Leiden8
Week 2
04.03.2018010 Trojans / Spijkenisse Scouts6Arnhem Falcons35
Week 3
17.03.2018Lightning Leiden7Hilversum Hurricanes15
Week 4
25.03.2018Lelystad Commanders11010 Trojans / Spijkenisse Scouts0
Week 5
01.04.2018Lightning Leiden12Lelystad Commanders25
01.04.2018Hilversum Hurricanes31Arnhem Falcons0
Week 6
14.04.2018010 Trojans / Spijkenisse Scouts18Lightning Leiden35
15.04.2018Arnhem Falcons14Lelystad Commanders24
Week 7
21.04.2018Lelystad Commanders26Hilversum Hurricanes20
22.04.2018Lightning Leiden20Arnhem Falcons28
Week 8
29.04.2018010 Trojans / Spijkenisse Scouts24Hilversum Hurricanes26
Week 9
12.03.2018Lightning Leiden35010 Trojans / Spijkenisse Scouts0
13.03.2018Hilversum Hurricanes7Lelystad Commanders9
Week 10
19.03.2018Arnhem Falcons20010 Trojans / Spijkenisse Scouts0
Week 11
27.03.2018Hilversum Hurricanes13Lightning Leiden7
27.03.2018010 Trojans / Spijkenisse Scouts0Lelystad Commanders24
Week 12
09.06.2018Hilversum Hurricanes38010 Trojans / Spijkenisse Scouts8
10.06.2018Lelystad Commanders19Arnhem Falcons32
Week 13
16.06.2018Arnhem Falcons10Hilversum Hurricanes12
17.06.2018Lelystad Commanders14Lightning Leiden19
AFBN Netherlands American Football Federation Eredivisie 2018 [Reference: 3]


Lelystad Commanders won the Dutch American Football Eredivie (Premier Division) in 2018, with 6 wins from 8 matches. Hilversum Hurricanes had a similar record in second, but lost the head-to-head 2-0. Arnhem Falcons finished third on 5-3, with Lightning Leiden and 010 Trojans / Spijkenisse Scouts taking the fourth and fifth places.



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