AFC Asia

AFC (Asian Football Confederation)

The Asian Football Confederation governs Football (Soccer) throughout Asia, including Australia and Guam, but excluding Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Israel who are in UEFA (Europe).

AFC’s Primary Competitions are the Asian Cup (National Teams) and the AFC Champions League (Club teams). Within the AFC there are Regional Associations which also run their own National and Regional Club Competitons: EAFF (East Asia), ASEAN (South East Asia), SAFF (South Asia), CAFA (Central Asia) and WAFF (West Asia).

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Asian Football Confederation Cups

AFC Champions League (Seasons): 2011

AFC Cup (Seasons): 2019

International Club-Country Tournaments held in Asia

Merlion Cup (Singapore – Editions): 


Dunhill / Merdeka Tournament (Malaysia – Editions): 

1994 1993

Carlsberg Challenge (Hong Kong – Editions):

1994 1993

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Asian Football Confederation

National Leagues

EAFF (East Asia): 2019

Hong Kong Premier League (Seasons): 2018-19

ASEAN (South East Asia): 2019

SAFF (South Asia): 2020-21