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Irish 8v8 American Football

This is the Index Page to the All-Time Archive of 8v8 American Football (Contact) in Ireland. This version of American Football is designed to facilitate the playing of American Football in 3 areas of competition: (1) Junior Kitted Teams. (2) Small Towns; and (3) 11v11 Teams to field 2nds Teams. Depending on the numbers that turn up on the day it could be 6v6; 7v7; 8v8 or 9v9. Includes Early Pre-Pads American Football 1983-1991

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Header Picture Credit: [1] Hogan, Sean (2016) “Kildare’s American football team crowned All Ireland champs”. Kildare Now. 26 October, 2016. [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 30 January 2020]

Junior / Youth Kitted Football

The first Junior / Youth Kitted American Football League was created in 1991, when the Northern Ireland Junior American League made the step up from Two-Touch to Kitted. It lasted two seasons, and from then the Ballymena Wolfhounds played international exhibition games against British opposition as they had no opposition in Ireland.

In the 2000s there were a number of exhibition games played among Junior Kitted teams, and in 2013 the first IAFA Junior Kitted Programme was officially launched, with a 7-team League, playing 7v7, 8v8, 9v9 Kitted Football (depending on the numbers on the day) in 2019.

There has also been 6v6 Junior Kitted American Football.

Junior Two Touch American Football

From 1986 to 1991, before Flags were brought in, there were a number of Junior Two-Touch Leagues organised by regional development bodies, such as the East Coast Junior Football Association (Greater Dublin Area) from 1986 to 1987, and the Northern Ireland Junior American League which ran from 1988 to 1990, when it became fully kitted. In 1991, a Junior Two-Touch American Football Blitz took place in Tymon Park, Tallaght. These Leagues were Two-Touch, although it was only the ball carrier who had to be touched twice, all other ;positions were full contact (i.e. Blocking etc.)

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DV8 Development League / Blitzes

The first DV8 Development Mini-League was created in 1993, for smaller teams like the Ardee Falcons (Co. Louth), and Dublin Tornadoes Vets (2nds team). Blitzes were played over the following 10 years, with another Mini-League (IAFL Division 2) created in 2003. Again Blitzes were employed up until the creation of the DV8 Development League in 2008, which lasted until 2012, when the League became the full 11v11 IAFL 1 Conference. The DV8 format was then used for the Junior Kitted League.

Early Pre-Pads American Football

Beginning with a match in Banbridge between two teams of specially trained Rugby players for American Indendence Day in 1983 through to the first Irish American Football League season in 1986, non-kitted contact Football was played between Irish teams due to the huge cost involved in getting helmets and padding imported into the country from USA. By 1987 all teams were now fully kittted and the League played its first full season. The non-kitted version of American Football would have been very like the early days of the NFL or Ohio League from 1900 to 1930s, or more modern day pick-up games in parks throughout the United States. These non-pad, non-helmet pick-up games have recently been codified by the American 7s Football League, which has similar rules to 8v8 Football such as Arena / Indoor Football.

Irish 8v8 American Football Teams

This is the Eirball Index Page to the History, Results and Rosters of Irish 8v8 American Football (also known as Arena or Indoor Football) was invented in the USA to help smaller towns, colleges and High Schools play Football. It is most popular in Mexico. American Football Ireland runs Leagues for three types of 8v8 Teams: Youth Contact, Smaller Towns and 2nds Teams. It is also hoping to start an 8v8 Blitz for Women. The Leagues can also be 7v7 and 9v9 depending on the numbers of players on the day.

Youth Contact 8v8 Teams

Smaller Towns 8v8 Teams

American Football Ireland 2nds Teams (8v8)

International 8v8 American Football

Arena Football League

Indoor Football League

Indoor Football League Teams

USA Division 2 Arena Indoor Football Leagues

The AFL went bankrupt in 2009 following the over-extention of creating af2. While the AFL would return in 2010, the af2 was scrapped and more leagues took over the Division 2 mantle. The Indoor Football League (2009-present) is the most significant of these league and following the cessation of AFL operations in 2019 has taken over the Major Arena Football League position.

Division 3 North East and Midwest Arena Indoor Football Leagues

Division 3 South Arena Indoor Football Leagues

Division 3 West and North West Arena Indoor Football Leagues

Fan Controlled Football

Fan Controlled Football is a 7v7 Arena Indoor League where fans decide by vote which plays to make throughout the game.

7v7 Football

Gimme Football! 7v7 Football arose from a desire from Football fans for more Football! Initially the X-Leagues were a game of Football between two Women’s teams that was aired on a rival TV Network during the NFL Super Bowl half-time show in 2004. Fans had been complaining the half-time show was too long and they wanted to watch Football. The game was so popular that it became a full league by 2009.

Fan Controlled Football, also 7v7 Football played indoors in an Arena, was started by gaming fans who wanted their own teams to call plays on like in the Madden NFL Console Game. Fans who own a share in their team vote online during the game in real-time for what plays their team makes on each of the plays.

American 7s Football League is a Semi-Professional State-level network of Leagues that was started by a former High School player who continued to play pick-up games of Football in parks after finishing school, realising there was a need to standardise rules for the pick-up games. It is 7v7 tackle football without pads or helmets.

X-League and Legends Football Leagues

The Lingerie Bowl was first played in 2004 as a rival to the Super Bowl half-time show which was seen by many fans as two long and boring. It was aired on a rival TV network and featured two teams of scantily-clad Women. The Bowl eventually came a fully-fledged league in 2009. The Lingerie was replaced by bikinis, and the League renamed the Legends Football League. In 2020 the League was again renamed the X-League, and bikinis replaced by bicycle shorts and crop-tops

Fan Controlled Football

Fan Controlled Football is a 7v7 Arena Indoor League where fans decide by vote which plays to make throughout the game.

American 7s

American 7s is neither 8v8 Arena Indoor Football, nor standard 11v11 American Football, rather a 7v7 hybrid of the two major American formats, played without pads.

The idea for American 7s came to Ryan DePaul late in 2002. His High School Football playing career was over and there was no possibility of playing College Football. He was playing pick-up, no pads or helmet football in parks and thought it needed codifying, so in 2005 he began to develop 7v7 No Pads, No Helmet, Tackle American Football.

From the A7FL website: “The A7FL field size is 100 x 37 yards and does not utilize the field goal posts. The narrower field width increases the pace of the action with fewer men on the field making for vicious hits while the 100-yard length maintains the grind. The quarterback has 4 eligible targets with 2 down linemen. Offenses can run bone or pistol, and there are no blitz restrictions for the defense.” [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 17 March 2022]

In 2014 he was approached by lifelong friend and entrepreneur, Sener Korkusuz about launching the League to Major League level. Soon afterwards the American 7s Football League was born, starting its first season in March 2015. [Ref: 1]

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