Alternative Sports are growing in popularity in Ireland.

Alternative Sports include Ultimate Frisbee (a version of American Football played with a Frisbee (and Disc Golf) and Quidditch,  Dodgeball and Roller Derby.

There are also Team Combat Sports: Jugger (A Cross between American Football and Medieval Combat), Paintball & Airsoft  (Team Combat Games, where Teams fight each other with paint or pellet guns, in scenarios such as Wild West, WWII Village, or Desert Storm), Laser Tag (Sports such as Quasar, where teams fight each other in Indoor arenas, using Laser Guns; and Capture The Flag (An Ethical Hacking sport whereby teams meet in a room and try to hack each others computers and protect their own)

Below you will find links to the Results and Tables for the above sports:

Alternative Team Sports

59. Flying Disc Sports Ultimate Frisbee: Dublin & All-Ireland Leagues 2017-Present. Dublin Golden Cup All-Time Final Tables

60. Quidditch First Irish Championship 2019.

Other Team Sports

61. Roller Derby A Women’s Sport whereby two teams chase each other around an oval track, the objective being to block your opponent or pass them out. Roller Derby Irish teams ranks in World 2016-present.

62. Dodgeball

63. Kickball

Team Combat Sports

64. Jugger A Team Comat Sport combining Medieval Combat with American Football. Jugger Irish teams in World Competitions 2016-present.

65. Paintball / Airsoft A Team Combat sport utilizing paint guns and involving objectives such as capturing enemy bases or other pre-determined objectives. Paintball Irish Paintball League Results & Tables 2008-2010. Irish Woodsball League Results & Tables 2010-2012. Millennium Pantball: Irish Rankings 1999.

66. Laser Tag Like Paintball but played in an Indoor Arena, using laser guns, such as Quasar. Quasar Stats Irish Teams Rankings (2016-present) Irish teams in World, European & British and Irish Competitions (2016-present).


67. E-Sports E-Sports included in Eirball are Fantasy Leagues, Console Games, Prediction Leagues & Elimination Games. Fantasy American Football Fantasy NFL Ireland. 2015-present, Other Irish American Football Fantasy Leagues, Console Games Madden NFL Leagues.

68. Robot Football Football is played using Robots or remote-controlled cars.

69. Capture the Flag An Ethical Hacking Team Computer Sport. CTF Time. Irish teams World Rankings 2016-present.