Amateur Football League Division B North 2020

Amateur Football League Logo [Reference: 1]

Final Table*

AFL B North 2020PWDLPts
St. Brendan’s/Dingle761019
Rivervalley Rangers761019
Swords Celtic750215
Greenfield Park733112
Trinity Donaghmede740312
Vianney Boys732211
Malahide United631210
Stoneybatter Athletic62046
Chanel SSC71245
Celtic Park61235
Ashbourne United61235
Kinsealy United61144
Glebe North61144
St. Ita’s FC71063
Amateur Football League Division B North 2020 [References: 2]

Results & Fixtures*

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
22.07.2020St. Brendans/Dingle2Ashbourne United0
24.07.2020Kinsealy United4Glebe North2
25.07.2020Celtic Park1Greenfield Park3
25.07.2020Rivervalley Rangers5St. Ita’s3
25.07.2020Malahide United4Vianney Boys3
25.07.2020Chanel SSC2Swords Celtic5
25.07.2020Trinity Donaghmede4Stoneybatter Athletic1
Week 2
04.08.2020Glebe North4St. Ita’s FC3
07.08.2020Swords Celtic2Kinsealy United0
07.08.2020Ashbourne United1Celtic Park1
07.08.2020Greenfield Park3Malahide United2
08.08.2020Vianney Boys0Rivervalley Rangers2
08.08.2020Stoneybatter Athletic4Chanel SSC2
08.08.2020Trinity Donaghmede1St. Brendans/Dingle4
Week 3
14.08.2020Kinsealy United2Stoneybatter Athletic3
15.08.2020Celtic Park2Trinity Donaghmede4
15.08.2020Rivervalley Rangers2Glebe North1
15.08.2020Vianney Boys1Greenfield Park1
15.08.2020St. Ita’s FC0Swords Celtic3
15.08.2020Chanel SSC2St. Brendans/Dingle2
Week 4
21.08.2020Greenfield Park3Rivervalley Rangers3
21.08.2020St. Brendans/Dingle5Kinsealy United2
21.08.2020Swords Celtic5Glebe North3
22.08.2020Trinity Donaghmede1Malahide United0
22.08.2020Ashbourne United1Vianney Boys1
22.08.2020Chanel SSC4Celtic Park1
22.08.2020Stoneybatter Athletic2St. Ita’s FC3
Week 5
28.08.2020Kinsealy United4Celtic Park3
28.08.2020Vianney Boys3Trinity Donaghmede2
28.08.2020Ashbourne United1Greenfield Park4
29.08.2020St. Ita’s FC2St. Brendan’s/Dingle4
29.08.2020Rivervalley Rangers2Swords Celtic1
29.08.2020Malahide United4Chanel SSC1
Week 6
04.09.2020Ashbourne United1Rivervalley Rangers5
04.09.2020Kinsealy United3Malahide United3
05.09.2020Celtic Park4St. Ita’s3
05.09.2020Trinity Donaghmede2Greenfield Park1
05.09.2020Chanel SSC4Vianney Boys5
05.09.2020Stoneybatter Athletic2Swords Celtic3
08.09.2020St. Brendan’s/Dingle5Glebe North1
Week 7
12.09.2020Greenfield Park3Chanel SSC3
12.09.2020St. Ita’s FC1Malahide United2
12.09.2020Rivervalley Rangers2Stoneybatter Athletic1
12.09.2020Swords Celtic1St. Brendan’s/ Dingle2
12.09.2020Vianney Boys5Kinsealy United2
12.09.2020Ashbourne United4Trinity Donaghmede3
Week 8
15.09.2020Glebe North3Celtic Park3
Week 10
10.10.2020St. Brendan’s/DingleMalahide United
10.10.2020Chanel SSCKinsealy United
10.10.2020Ashbourne UnitedGlebe North
10.10.2020Stoneybatter AthleticVianney Boys
10.10.2020Rivervalley RangersCeltic Park
10.10.2020Trinity DonaghmedeSt. Ita’s FC
10.10.2020Swords CelticGreenfield Park
Week 11
13.10.2020Glebe NorthStoneybatter Athletic
17.10.2020Malahide UnitedCeltic Park
17.10.2020Kinsealy UnitedRivervalley Rangers
17.10.2020Swords CelticAshbourne United
17.10.2020Greenfield ParkStoneybatter Athletic
17.10.2020Vianney BoysSt. Brendan’s/Dingle
17.10.2020St. Ita’sChanel SSC
19.10.2020Celtic ParkSwords Celtic
20.10.2020Glebe NorthTrinity Donaghmede
Week 12
24.10.2020Celtic ParkVianney Boys
24.10.2020Kinsealy UnitedSt. Ita’s FC
24.10.2020Stoneybatter AthleticAshbourne United
24.10.2020Trinity DonaghmedeSwords Celtic
24.10.2020St. Brendan’s/DingleGreenfields Park
24.10.2020Chanel SSCGlebe North
24.10.2020Rivervalley RangersMalahide United
Week 13
31.10.2020St. Brendan’s/DingleStoneybatter Athletic
31.10.2020St. Ita’s FCVianney Boys
31.10.2020Malahide UnitedGlebe North
31.10.2020Chanel SSCAshbourne United
31.10.2020Kinsealy UnitedGreenfield Park
31.10.2020Trinity DonaghmedeRivervalley Rangers
Week 14
07.11.2020Ashbourne UnitedKinsealy United
07.11.2020Stoneybatter AthleticCeltic Park
07.11.2020Rivervalley RangersSt. Brendan’s/Dingle
07.11.2020Trinity DonaghmedeChanel SSC
07.11.2020Greenfield ParkSt. Ita’s FC
07.11.2020Swords CelticMalahide United
Week 15
10.11.2020Glebe NorthVianney Boys
14.11.2020Celtic ParkSt. Brendan’s/Dingle
14.11.2020Vianney BoysSwords Celtic
14.11.2020Chanel SSCRivervalley Rangers
14.11.2020St. Ita’s FCAshbourne United
14.10.2020Malahide UnitedStoneybatter Athletic
14.10.2020Kinsealy UnitedTrinity Donaghmede
Week 16
17.11.2020Glebe NorthGreenfield Park
Amateur Football League Division B North Results 2020 [References: 3]


St. Brendan’s/Dingle and Rivervalley Rangers were in the top two spots and undefeated in the Amateur Football League Division B North on 18 September 2020, when the League was stopped due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Amateur Football League season was abandoned on 21 October following Government restrictions on the playing of sport in the light of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. Matches had been rescheduled after being abandoned on 18 September, but following the governments update in October, the League was stopped entirely.

About the Amateur Football League

The Amateur Football League is a Junior Soccer League making up Tier 3 in the Irish Adult Soccer System – Tier 1 is Senior Leagues (League of Ireland and Northern Ireland Football League), Tier 2 is Intermediate Leagues – Provincial Leagues (Leinster, Munster, Connacht and Ulster Senior Leagues in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland Intermediate League in Northern Ireland), and Tier 3 is Junior Leagues – County Level Leagues such as the Amateur Football League which consists of teams from the Dublin and District Area (from all over County Dublin as well as teams from Co. Meath – Ashbourne United, Co. Kildare – Leixlip United, and Co. Wicklow – Rathnew and Garden County).



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