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Charlotte Thunder75-0-07-0-01,000
Tampa Tornadoes42-1-03-1-0.750
Mississippi Raiders41-3-01-3-0.250
Jersey Bearcats10-0-01-0-01.000
Pennsylvania Union10-1-00-1-0.000
Carolina Predators40-4-00-4-0.000
Mid West
West Michigan Ironmen22-0-02-0-01.000
Indianapolis Enforcers41-1-03-1-0.750
Chicago Power31-2-01-2-0.333
St. Louis Bandits30-1-02-1-0.667
Music City Fire00-0-00-0-0.000
San Antonio Gunslingers53-0-04-1-0.800
North Texas Bulls11-0-01-0-01.000
Austin Wild41-2-01-3-0.250
El Paso Buccaneers30-2-00-3-0.000
[References: compiled from results in 2]

Note: Teams ranked by (1) League W-L Percentage (2) All Games W-L Percentage (3) Head-to-Head


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
13.03.2021San Antonio Gunslingers48Fort Worth *62
13.03.2021Tampa Tornadoes48Carolina Predators20
Week 2
20.03.2021Mississippi Raiders23San Antonio Gunslingers46
21.03.2021Tampa Tornadoes45Georgia Lina Lions *21
Week 3
27.03.2021Charlotte Thunder67Pennsylvania Union12
27.06.2021El Paso Buccaneers0North Texas Bulls6
29.06.2021San Antonio Gunslingers 34Austin Wild24
Week 4
03.04.2021Charlotte Thunder84South Carolina Cowboys *12
03.04.2021Kentucky *26Indianapolis Enforcers34
Week 5
10.04.2021Tampa Tornadoes9Charlotte Thunder46
10.04.2021Mississippi Raiders68Carolina Predators24
10.04.2021Indianapolis Enforcers30Chicago Power32
10.04.2021Fort Worth *66El Paso Buccaneers0
12.04.2021San Antonio Gunslingers27Austin Wild20
Week 6
17.04.2021Tampa TornadoescMississippi Raidersc
17.04.2021West Michigan Ironmen57Chicago Power0
17.04.2021Charlotte Thunder61Georgia Lions *6
17.04.2021St. Louis Bandits61Illinois Rampage *30
Week 7
23.04.2021West Michigan Ironmen66Carolina Predators0
24.04.2021Indianapolis Enforcers56Indiana Tornadoes *12
24.04.2021Charlotte Thunder72St. Louis Bandits33
24.04.2021El Paso Buccaneers0Austin Wild27
26.04.2021San Antonio Gunslingers23Fort Worth *22
Week 8
01.05.2021Charlotte Thunder62Carolina Predators18
02.05.2021St. Louis Bandits46Dallas *36
02.05.2021Tampa Tornadoes49Mississippi Raiders34
Week 9
08.09.2021Mississippi Raiders18Charlotte Thunder62
08.09.2021Jersey Bearcats6South Carlolina Cowboys *0 #
08.09.2021Chicago Power0 #Indianapolis Enforcers6
08.09.2021Fort Worth *42Austin Wild12
[References: 2]


Weeks 1-8

After 8 weeks of the American Arena League in 2021, Charlotte Thunder (4-0) and Tampa Tornadoes (2-1) had the best records in the East, with Mississippi Raiders (1-2), Pennsylvania Union (0-1) and Carolina Predators (0-4) all on losing records. Jersey Bearcats had yet to start. In the Mid West West Michigan Ironmen (2-0) were on top with Chicago Power (1-1) and Indianapolis Enforcers (2-1) in second and third. St. Louis Bandits (1-2) had ceased operations for the rest of the season due to COVID-19 Pandemic concerns. In the West Division, four Texas teams battled it out, with San Antonio Gunslingers (4-1) having the best record, followed by North Texas Bulls (1-0), Austin Wild (1-2) and El Paso Buccaneers (0-3)

Week 9

Two games were awarded, a League game between Indianapolis Enforcers and Chicago Power was awarded to Indianapolis. The other awarded game was between Jersey Bearcats, who were awarded a win over SC Cowboys in what would have been their first match this season. Elsewhere in a non-league match Austin Wild were defeated by Fort Worth 12-42, and in the only league match to go ahead Charlotte Thunder destroyed Mississippi Raiders 62-18 to keep their 100% record intact.



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