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Conor McGregor Ireland-born UFC Fighter
Conor McGregor Ireland-born UFC Fighter [Reference: 2][Photo credit: Conor McGregor Facebook Page]

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WWE (America)

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is the American version of Wrestling.

World Wrestling Entertainment

WWE World Wrestling Entertainment Irish Wrestlers 2001-Present

Ireland-Born WWE Wrestlers (Factfile and Statistics):

Sheamus Ireland-born WWE Wrestler 2009-Present

Lucha Libre (Mexico)

Lucha Libre is the Mexican version of WWE, or indeed Greco-Roman Wrestling.

Lucha Libre AAA

Triplemania (Bouts): XXIV 2018


Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship Irish Fighters


Gladiating is a fun version of the ancient Roman military combat as was seen on US and British TV Programs from the 1990s onwards.

Various types of combat or adventure-like tasks are engaged in by teams of players.

Irish Gladiator Contestants:

Audrey Garland Irish-born Gladiators Contestant 1997

There are a couple of venues in Ireland where people can engage in Gladiator Weekends:

Adventure Park (Watergrasshill, Co. Cork):

Team Building Ireland (Kippure, Blessington, Co. Wicklow):