American Football Association 1936-1941

AFA 1936

New York Division
*Brooklyn Bay Parkways84228632.667
New Rochelle Bulldogs63213040.600
Mt. Vernon Cardinals53203742.600
White Plains Bears62402740.333
New Jersey Division
*Paterson Panthers54105913.800
Orange Tornadoes84405455.500
Passaic Red Devils83503376.375

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Brooklyn Bay Parkwaysw/oPaterson Panthersscr.

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Dixie-AFA Championship
Washington Pros13Brooklyn Bay Parkways6

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AFA 1937

Northern Division
*White Plains Bears63211949.600
Danbury Trojans4310580.750
New Rochelle Bulldogs93606265.333
Brooklyn Bushwicks61411774.200
Mt. Vernon Cardinals81611488.143
Southern Division
*Newark Tornadoes106139631.857
Paterson Panthers6411957.800
Brooklyn Eagles84313562.571
New York Tigers0100020.000

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White Plains Bears3Newark Tornadoes3

Note: Co-Champions – Newark proposed a fifth period of 15 minutes to decide a winner, which the League comissioner approved as long as White Plains agreed, however, they declined the proposal, and the two teams were declared Co-Champions.

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AFA 1938

*Jersey City Giants87101337.875
Danbury Trojans64116726.800
*Paterson Panthers963011460.667
Brooklyn Eagles93518170.375
Union City Rams825152121.286
Newark Tornadoes725028119.286
Clifton Wessingtons71512799.167

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Jersey City Giants17Paterson Panthers0

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AFA 1939

Northern Division
*Paterson Panthers12750145115.583
Providence Steamroller73405389.429
Danbury Trojans605126114.000
Brooklyn Eagles807126140.000
Southern Division
*Newark Bears962112271.750
Wilmington Clippers1393115866.750
Jersey City Giants1173114852.700
Union City Rams925282113.286

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Newark Bears27Paterson Panthers7

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AFA 1940

*Jersey City Giants1063110446.667
*Paterson Panthers10640106133.600
*Wilmington Clippers1054113964.556
*Newark Bears11551136121.500
Long Island Indians1155188123.500
Providence Steamroller1028041127.200

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Jersey City Giants7Newark Bears6
Paterson Panthers8Wilmington Clippers11
Jersey City Giants17Wilmington Clippers7

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AFA 1941

*Long Island Indians1082017645.800
*Paterson Panthers1062214272.750
*Wilmington Clippers943212077.571
*Jersey City Giants104424799.500
Newark Bears936062105.333
Providence Steamroller2020724.000
New York Yankees606013145.000

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Paterson Panthers0Wilmington Clippers33
Long Island Indians7Jersey City Giants6
Wilmington Clippers21Long Island Indians13

Reference: [6][7]


The American Football Association of 1936-1941 was an AA Professional American Football League in the Eastern States, predominantly New York & New Jersey.

Brrooklyn Bay Parkways won the first championship after Paterson Panthers declined to compete in the Championship Game. Brooklyn went on to play the Washington Pros, winners of the Dixie League in an unofficial Minor League Super Bowl, which Washington won. The second championship ended in a tie, with the almost-historic decision to play an unprecedented fifth period (Overtime) declined by White Plains, and they shared the title with Newark.

Jersey City Giants won two of the next three titles, with Newark Bears winning the 1939 title in between. Wilmington Clippers won the 1941 title, the last.

The League is notable for the appearance of Vince Lombardi, legendary Head Coach of the winners of the first two Super Bowls, Green Bay Packers, and whom the Super Bowl Trophy is named after. Lombardi played Guard for the Brooklyn Eagles in 1938.

Also notable is the 1938 Danbury Trojans, who defeated the Brooklyn Dodgers of the NFL 13-0 in their opening game – the first time an AFA team beat an NFL team. [7]


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