American Football Association of Ireland All-Ireland American Football League 1991

League Table

*Dublin Celts7700 9720 1.000
*Belfast Spartans7331 9466 .583
*Antrim Bulldogs8341 11951 .438
Dublin Tornadoes8350 37156 .375
Newtownabbey Warriors6150 2286 .000
Craigavon Cowboys0000 0.000
All-Ireland American Football League Standings 1991 [Ref: Compiled from: 1-17]

Playoff Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
25.08.1991Belfast Spartans8Antrim Bulldogs14
Shamrock Bowl VI  
29.09.1991Dublin Celts66Belfast Spartans6
AFAI All-Ireland American Football League Playoffs 1991 [Ref: 18]

Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
Week 1  
11.05.1991Dublin Tornadoes7Belfast Spartans14
11.05.1991Antrim Bulldogs32Newtownabbey Warriors6
Week 2  
19.05.1991Antrim Bulldogs32Dublin Tornadoes6
Week 3  
26.05.1991Belfast Spartans54Newtownabbey Warriors6
26.05.1991Dublin Tornadoes Craigavon Cowboys 
29.05.1991Antrim Bulldogs6Belfast Spartans6
Week 4 2 June 1991 
02.06.1991Dublin Celts13Antrim Bulldogs8#
Week 5  
09.06.1991Dublin TornadoesWNewtownabbey WarriorsL
09.06.1991Dublin CeltsWBelfast SpartansL
13.06.1991Dublin Tornadoes12Dublin Celts44
Week 6  
16.06.1991Dublin Tornadoes6Antrim Bulldogs0
Week 7  
21.06.1991Belfast Spartans6Antrim Bulldogs27
Week 8  
28.06.1991Dublin CeltsWAntrim BulldogsL
11.08.1991Newtownabbey Warriors10Antrim Bulldogs0
11.08.1991Dublin Tornadoes6Belfast Spartans8
08.1991Dublin Tornadoes0Dublin Celts40
Week ??
Dublin CeltsWNewtownabbey WarriorsL
Belfast SpartansDublin Celts
Newtownabbey WarriorsDublin Celts
Newtownabbey WarriorsLDublin TornadoesW
Newtownabbey WarriorsBelfast Spartans
AFAI All-Ireland American Football League Regular Season Results 1991 [Ref: 1-17]


With an All-Ireland American Football League again being played, under the authority of the American Football association of Ireland, after a year where the Dublin Celts played in the NCMMA (British Second Level) and a separate Irish League of American Football in Northern Ireland, the Dublin Celts showed their superiority with a resounding 66-6 win against the Belfast Spartans in the Shamrock Bowl. The Spartans were also using a few guest players from other All-Ireland League teams.

The Dublin Celts had gone through the season undefeated, and the Belfast Spartans and Antrim Bulldogs had both finished on 4-3-1 (Won-Lost-Tied) records, with the Dublin Tornadoes finishing in fourth on 3-5. Newtownabbey Warriors, playing their debut season following the merger of the Carrickfergus Cougars and Coleraine Chieftains, finished bottom and the Craigavon Cowboys had pulled out before the start, leaving a five-team league.

Home Venues

Dublin CeltsClontarf, Dublin
Dublin TornadoesTallaght Community Centre, Tallaght, Dublin 24
Belfast SpartansMusgrave Park, Belfast
Craigavon Cowboys 
Newtownabbey Warriors 
Antrim BulldogsAllen Park, Antrim
AFAI All-Ireland American Football League Home Venues [Ref: ]



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