American Football Association of Ireland All-Ireland American Football League 1993

League Table

*Craigavon Cowboys6411
*Belfast Spartans5140
Antrim Bulldogs4040
*Dublin Tornadoes10901.950
*Dublin Celts10550.500
Lee Valley Steelers5050

Playoff Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
12.09.1993Dublin Tornadoes20Belfast Spartans0
12.09.1993Craigavon Cowboys0Dublin Celts19
Shamrock Bowl VII
26.09.1993Dublin Tornadoes19Dublin Celts2


Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
16.05.93Dublin TornadoesWBelfast SpartansL
16.05.93Lee Valley SteelersLDublin CeltsW
16.05.93Craigavon CowboysWAntrim Bulldogs0
Week 4
30.05.93Craigavon Cowboys15Lee Valley Steelers0
30.05.93Dublin Tornadoes24Dublin Celts0
Week 5
05.06.93Dublin Tornadoes0Craigavon Cowboys0 ot
05.06.93Dublin Celts3Antrim Bulldogs0
05.06.93Belfast Spartans17Lee Valley Steelers0
13.06.93Dublin Celts24Belfast Spartans0
04.07.93Dublin Tornadoes33Belfast Spartans0
11.07.93Dublin Tornadoes48Lee Valley Steelers0
18.07.93Lee Valley Steelers0Dublin Tornadoes31
22.08.93Dublin Tornadoes23Dublin Celts7
06.1993Dublin Celts13Belfast Spartans0
Dublin Celts0Craigavon Cowboys3
Dublin Celts6Craigavon Cowboys7



Dublin Tornadoes 1993 Shamrock Bowl Winners[11]




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Thanks to Cillian Smith, Michael Smith, Michael Brophy and Ralph Schmeer of the Irish American Football Association and Irish American Football Officials Association.

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