American Football Association of Ireland Irish Senior League 1998

Final Standings

*Dublin Tigers8602292106.875
*Carrickfergus Knights860223254.875
*Greystones Rebels8440132124.500
*Craigavon Cowboys817071232.125
Queens University Belfast Broncos817066277.125
[Ref: 3]

Note: Teams tied on winning percentage separated by points scored

Playoff Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
16.08.1998Dublin Tigers30Craigavon Cowboys0
16.08.1998Carrickfergus Knights40Greystones Rebels0
Shamrock Bowl XIII
30.08.1998Dublin Tigers14Carrickfergus Knights22
[Ref: 1-3]


Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
19.04.1998Craigavon Cowboys0Greystones Rebels30
19.04.1998Queens University Broncos0Carrickfergus Knights48
Week 2
26.04.1998Queens University Broncos6Greystones Rebels12
26.04.1998Dublin Tigers18Craigavon Cowboys6
Week 3
10.05.1998Craigavon Cowboys8Carrickfergus Knights28
10.05.1998Greystones Rebels6Dublin Tigers34
Week 4
17.05.1998Dublin Tigers52Queens University Broncos6
17.05.1998Carrickfergus Knights30Greystones Rebels0
Week 5
31.05.1998Queens University Broncos24Craigavon Cowboys39
Week 6
07.06.1998Carrickfergus Knights20Dublin Tigers20
Week 7
14.06.1998Greystones Rebels30Craigavon Cowboys0
14.06.1998Carrickfergus Knights32Queens University Broncos0
Week 8
21.06.1998Greystones Rebels30Queens University Broncos0
21.06.1998Craigavon Cowboys18Dublin Tigers42
Week 9
28.06.1998Carrickfergus Knights30Craigavon Cowboys0
Week 10
19.07.1998Queens University Broncos0Dublin Tigers64
19.07.1998Greystones Rebels0Carrickfergus Knights18
Week 11
26.07.1998Dublin Tigers26Carrickfergus Knights26
Week 12
02.08.1998Craigavon Cowboys0Queens University Broncos30
Week 13
09.08.1998Dublin Tigers36Greystones Rebels24
[Ref: 3]



Carrickfergus Knights won their second ever Shamrock Bowl, 22-14 against new team Dublin Tigers, who had been a merger of the Dublin (Gateway) Bulls and a new team called the Tigers who had set up nearby. The two teams could not be separated all year, tying both games with each other and each winning all six other games. The Dublin tigers were awarded the League Championship on Points Scored.

In the Playoffs the Tigers had beaten the Craigavon Cowboys 30-0 and the Carrickfergus Knights had beaten the Greystones Rebels, who had finished third on a 4-4 Won-Loss Record, 40-0 to set up the decider.

The other team in the League was the Queens University Belfast Broncos.

Shamrock Bowl XIII 1998 – Carrickfergus Knights (Yellow) 22 Dublin Tigers (Black) 14 [Ref: 5]

Team Changes and Association and League Structure

The League was up one team from 1997, with the Dublin Lightning refusing to play under the then American Football Association of Ireland management team (Image Management and Promotions), and being replaced by the Greystones Rebels, and Queens University. Other changes were the Portadown Panthers being replaced by a resurrection of the Craigavon Cowboys in Mid-Ulster and the Dublin Bulls merging with new team the Dublin Tigers (and taking their name). The Belfast Bulls were a seventh team who only played in a 7v7 Blitz along with the Broncos and Carrickfergus Knights.



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Thanks to Cillian Smith, Michael Smith, Michael Brophy and Ralph Schmeer of the Irish American Football Association and Irish American Football Officials Association.

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