American Football Ireland 1 Bowls 2014-Present

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IAFL 1 Bowls 2014-2019

2014University College Dublin40Cork Admirals0
2015Waterford Wolves13Cork Admirals12
2016Cork Admirals38Belfast Trojans 2nds7
2017Louth Mavericks23Craigavon Cowboys18
2018West Dublin Rhinos16Craigavon Cowboys14
2019Craigavon Cowboys28Westmeath Minotaurs27
American Football Ireland 1 Bowls 2014-Present [Ref: 1-6]

Composite Standings 2014-Present

Louth Mavericks110
University College Dublin110
Waterford Wolves110
West Dublin Rhinos110
Cork Admirals312
Craigavon Cowboys312
Belfast Trojans 2nds101
Westmeath Minotaurs101
American Football Ireland 1 Bowls Composite Standings 2014-Present [Ref: compiled from: 1-6]


UCD won the first IAFL 1 Bowl 40-0 over Cork Admirals a year after both clubs were controversially relegated from the Shamrock Bowl Conference for forfeiting fixtures. Waterford Wolves beat Cork the following year – again after being relegated from the SBC.

In 2016 the Admirals won the Bowl at the third attempt – and promotion back to the SBC – beating The Belfast Trojans Seconds Team 38-7. Louth Mavericks made it a second win for the Regions with victory over Craigavon Cowboys in 2017. The Cowboys lost the following year to West Dublin Rhinos, but finally won the title and promotion back to the SBC with a narrow 28-27 win over Westmeath Minotaurs in 2019.

In all six different teams have each won the 1 Bowl once.

Craigavon Cowboys – 1 Bowl Champions 2019 [Ref: 8]



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