American Football Ireland Flag Division 1 Revised 2020

American Football Ireland Logo [Ref: 1]


North Conference
Donegal Derry Vipers22006622446
Antrim Jets21107866123
Ulster University Elks2110545223
Belfast Trojans Development21107286-143
Causeway Giants20113655-191
Downpatrick Saints20113055-251
Central Conference
Westmeath Minotaurs440016419+14512
Louth Mavericks 2nd431010160+419
Galway Warriors413064119-553
North Kildare Reapers404027158-1310
South Conference
South Dublin Panthers
Dublin City Quetzals
University College Dublin
North Dublin Pirates
Dublin Rebels
American Football Ireland Flag Division One Standings 2020 [Ref: 2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1Central
26.09.2020Westmeath Minotaurs41Louth Mavericks0
26.09.2020Cill Dara Reapers20Galway Warriors33
26.09.2020Louth Mavericks42Cill Dara Reapers0
26.09.2020Galway Warriors6Westmeath Minotaurs49
Week 1North
26.09.2020Ulster University Elks28Belfast Trojans 2nds32
26.09.2020Donegal / Derry Vipers33Causeway Giants14
26.09.2020Belfast Trojans 2nds40Antrim Jets58
26.09.2020Causeway Giants22Downpatrick Saints22
26.09.2020Downpatrick Saints20Donegal / Derry Vipers33
26.09.2020Antrim Jets20Ulster University Elks26
Week 2Central
03.10.2020Westmeath Minotaurs50Cill Dara Reapers0
03.10.2020Galway Warriors13Westmeath Minotaurs26
03.10.2020Cill Dara Reapers7Louth Mavericks33
03.10.2020Louth Mavericks26Galway Warriors12
American Football Ireland Flag Division One Standings 2020 [Ref: 2]


A revised American Football Ireland Flag schedule for 2020 was brought out in September due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. In the first week at the end of September, Donegal Derry Vipers had two victories in the North Conference and Antrim Jets, Belfast Trojans Development and Ulster University Elks one each. In the Central Conference Westmeath Minotaurs convincingly won both their opening games and Galway Warriors and Louth Mavericks 2nds started off with one win each.

In the second weekend of the Season Louth Mavericks 2nds and Westmeath Minotaurs both picked up two wind from two in the central conference.

The American Football Ireland Flag Division One is the Second Level of Flag Football in Ireland. 15 teams entered the Division in 2020, bringing the total number of Flag Football teams in the League to 23.

Last years Glas Bowl runners-up Maynooth Hurricanes and Semi-Finalists Cork City Outlaws were promoted to the AFI Flag Premier Division (Level 1) for 2020, with Westmeath Minotaurs, University College Dublin and Dublin rebels being relegated from the Premier Division to Division One. Meath Bulldogs did not enter a team in 2020 after being relegated as well.

New teams to Division One for 2020 were Dublin City Quetzals, a team made up of former contact players from the Mexican League, who are over in Ireland working [Ref: 3], WIT Vikings from the Waterford Institute of Technology, as well as Flag Football teams of Contact Football teams Antrim Jets, Causeway Giants, Donegal Derry Vipers and North Kildare Reapers.

Non-Returning teams were NI Razorbacks, Ulster University Elks, Norton Wasps as well as the 2nds teams of Craigavon Cowboys and University College Cork. In total, 23 teams is the highest ever in one season of the Irish Flag Football League, in all its incarnations.

[See for more on the history of the Irish Flag Football League and Blitzes.]

AFI Flag Division 1 North Team Map

American-Football Ireland Flag Division 1 North Team Map 2020 [Reference: 3]

AFI Flag Division 1 Central Team Map

American Football Ireland Flag Division 1 Central Team Map 2020 [Reference: 4]

AFI Flag Division 1 South Team Map

American Football Ireland Flag Division 1 South Team Map 2020 [Reference: 5]



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Thanks to Sean Douglas, Todd Zboyan, Anton Pippo O’Grady, Jimmy English, Joe Grey, Decy Maher (Dublin Bay Raptors 2020).

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