American Football Ireland Flag Football Timeline 1985-2020

Team / LeagueFromTo
NIAFA Northern Ireland American Football Association
Tyrone Tornadoes19851985
Coleraine Chieftains +19852002
Bangor Buccaneers19851986
Jordanstown Jaguars19851986
Belfast Blitzers19851986
Belfast Spartans19851985
Craigavon Cowboys +19852021 *
Aldergrove Hawks19851986
ECJFA East Coast Junior Football Association
Dublin Panthers19861986
Drimnagh Pirates19861986
Dublin Celts +19861991
Dublin Tornadoes19861994
Marlay Chargers19861986
St. Brendan’s Gulls19871987
St. Brendan’s Rats19871987
Sutton Seahawks19871987
Bray Seahawks19871988
“Offaly Team”19871987
NIJAL Northern Ireland Junior American League
Antrim Cobras19871988
Ballymena Wolfhounds19871990
Belfast Junior Spartans19881990
City Colts19881988
Peel Crusaders19881988
Prospect Pumas19881990
Brownlow Bandits19901990
Maiden City Maulers19901990
Lisburn Groundhogs19901990
ICAF Irish Council of American Football Two-Touch
North Dublin Warriors19911991
Tallaght Wildcats19911991
Dodder Sharks19911991
North Dublin Knights19911991
Limerick Patriots19911991
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Regional / Provincial Leagues and Blitzes 1985-1991

Dublin / Irish Flag Football League 1991-2000

Team / LeagueFromTo
DFFL Dublin Flag Football League
Dublin Tornadoes A1991-921993-94
Marlay Martyrs1991-921993-94
Dublin City University Pirates 1994-951994-95
Drimnagh Cycos1995-962005
Marlay Hellfire1995-961998-99
Northside Devastators1995-961996-97
Dublin Pirates1995-961999-2000
Baldoyle Fenians1995-961995-96
Marauding Fungi19931994-95
Trinity Thunderbolts +19932020 *
Stillorgan Megamix1995-961995-96
South West Jets1995-961995-96
Tallaght Tornadoes1995-961995-96
Dublin Crows1996-971999-2000
IFFL / Irish Flag Football League
Dublin City University Stallions1997-981999-2000
Greystones Rebels1997-981998-99
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All-Ireland Flag Football Leagues and Blitzes 1993-2000

Team / LeagueFromTo
Jack Daniels Summer Bowl
Fine Gael Deputies19851985
American Political Students19851985
Goal Heroes19881988
RTE Raiders19881988
Goal Stars19891989
ICAFA (Irish Collegiate American Football Assocition) Summer Bowl
College All-Stars19931993
Marlay Pirates19931993
Marlay Raiders19931993
Monaghan Hurricanes19941994
IAFA Irish American Football Associaion
Belfast Bulls20012006
University of Limerick Vikings20012021 *
South East Strongbows20052007
Cork Predators20052006
Dublin Rebels20052021 *
Dublin Sharks20052007
North Dublin Marshals20052006
Carrickfergus Knights +20052020*
Cork Admirals +20052020*
Craigavon Panthers20052006
Dublin Dragons20062007
Galway Sea Devils20062007
Tallaght Outlaws20062007
St. Anne’s Jazz20062007
Edenderry Soldiers20062007
IFFA Irish Flag Football Association
Team 4120072007
Causeway Convicts20072007
Portadown Eagles20072007
Roscrea Falcons20072010
Willow Warriors20072008
IT Carlow Chargers20072008
Clonmel Warriors20092011
Mullingar Soldiers20092010
Tralee Titans20092011
Dublin City 86ers20092013
University College Cork Pirates20102012
Dublin Revolution20102011
NUI Maynooth Phantoms20102015
IT Tallaght20102013
Tullamore Phoenix20102013
“Down Team”20102011
Mullingar Minotaurs20102017
Whitehall Titans20112012
(South) Kildare Soldiers 20122015
Edenderry Eagles +20122021 *
Rathangan Chargers20122013
Dublin Vipers +20132017
Irish Flag Football League Emerald Bowl
South Dublin Panthers20142021 *
Dublin IT Spartans20142017
University College Dublin20142021 *
West Dublin Rhinos20142021 *
North Kildare Reapers20142021 *
Cashel Crusaders20142016
Maynooth University Bulls20152016
Athlone Minotaurs20152016
Roscommon Rogues20152016
Marble City Mud Dogs20152017
Wexford Eagles20152021 *
Ulster University Coleraine Elks20152021 *
NI Razorbacks20152021 *
Antrim Jets20162021 *
Waterford Wolves20162017
Westmeath Minoaturs20172021 *
Belfast Knights20182021 *
Cill Dara Reapers20182018
Cork City Cosmos20182018
Cork City Outlaws20192021 *
Downpatrick Saints20192021 *
Norton Wasps20192019
Donegal Derry Vipers20202021 *
Causeway Giants20202021 *
FFI / AFI Flag Football Ireland / American Football Ireland
South Edenderry Seagulls 20142015
Edenderry Eagles Women20142015
Dublin Bay Raptors + 20172021 *
Belfast Trojans +20182021 *
Louth Mavericks +20182021 *
Meath Bulldogs20182021 *
Maynooth University Hurricanes20182021 *
University College Cork Raiders20182021 *
Galway Warriors20192021 *
Dublin City Quetzals20202021 *
Thomastown Tigers20212021 *
Belfast City Lions20212021 *
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Teams placed in order of appearance in competitions / leagues

+ Teams may have participated in more than one Organization or League.

*Denotes the Team is still active.


There has been 141 known teams in Irish Flag Football since the very first games between two Irish teams in 1985 (Tyrone Tornadoes v Coleraine Chieftains) and a Charity Match between Fine Gael Deputies and American Political Students in aid of Crumlin Youth Against Drugs.

There are currently 24 Flag Football Teams in operation in Ireland, and the list of Organizations runs from Provincial and Regional Organisations NIAFA (Northern Ireland American Football Association), ECJFA (East Coast Junior Football Association), ICAF (Irish Council of American Football), NIJAL (Northern Ireland Junior American League) and the Dublin Flag Football League to National Organisations – ICAFA (Irish Collegiate American Football Association), IAFA (Irish American Football Association), IFFA (Irish Flag Football Association), IFFL (Irish Flag Football League Emerald Bowl) and FFI / AFI (Flag Football Ireland / American Football Ireland).


[1] Please see individual articles on each League and Competition on the American Football Ireland Flag Index Page for a full list of References:


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