American Football Ireland Flag Premier Division Revised 2020

American Football Ireland Logo [2020] [Ref: 1]


North Conference
Belfast Trojans431012297+259
Craigavon Cowboys422010595+106
Louth Mavericks4220929206
Belfast Knights422097111-146
Maynooth University Hurricanes4130118139-213
South Conference
Edenderry Eagles
Cork City Outlaws
Dublin Bay Raptors
Trinity College Dublin
UCC Raiders
American Football Ireland Flag Premier Division Standings 2020 [Ref: 1]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1North
26.09.2020Carrickfergus Knights13Craigavon Cowboys32
26.09.2020Maynooth University Hurricanes32Belfast Trojans38
26.09.2020Louth Mavericks18Belfast Knights20
26.09.2020Craigavon Cowboys33Maynooth University Hurricanes13
26.09.2020Belfast Trojans26Louth Mavericks18
Week 2North
03.10.2020Belfast Knights26Belfast Trojans21
03.10.2020Louth Mavericks30Maynooth University Hurricanes27
03.10.2020Belfast Trojans38Craigavon Cowboys20
03.10.2020Craigavon Cowboys20Louth Mavericks26
03.10.2020Maynooth University Hurricanes40Belfast Knights38
American Football Ireland Flag Premier Division Standings 2020 [Ref: 1]


A revised American Football Ireland Flag schedule was brought out in September. Craigavon Cowboys and Belfast Trojans both opened the season at the end of September with two wins, and Belfast Knights one win and one loss. During the second weekends play, Louth Mavericks picked up two wins versus Maynooth University (30-27) and Craigavon Cowboys (26-20) both by a touchdown or less, and Belfast Knights, Belfast Trojans and Maynooth University Hurricanes each picked up a win, leaving Belfast Trojans on top of the North Conference table with 3 wins from four, and then the Craigavon Cowboys, Louth Mavericks and Belfast Knights each on 2-2.


The American Football Ireland Flag Premier Division is the top level of Flag Football in Ireland. For the 2020 season there are 10 teams divided equally into 2 Conferences: North and South, playing a 12-game Schedule, each teams plays twice against each other team in its own Conference and once against four of the five teams in the other Conference.

Four teams were relegated from the Irish American Football Association Flag Football League Emerald Bowl Conference (the previous name of the Flag Football League) after the 2019 season: Westmeath Minotaurs, University College Dublin, Meath Bulldogs and Dublin Rebels. Two teams were promoted: Glas Bowl (Division 1) runners-up Maynooth University Hurricanes, and Semi-Finalists Cork City Outlaws.

AFI Flag Premier Division North Team Map

American Football Ireland Flag Premier Division North Team Map 2020 [Reference: 3]

AFI Flag Premier Division South Team Map

American Football Ireland Flag Premier Division South Team Map 2020 [Reference: 4]



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Thanks to Sean Douglas, Todd Zboyan, Anton Pippo O’Grady, Jimmy English, Joe Grey, Decy Maher (Dublin Bay Raptors 2020).

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