UCD IAFA College Champions 2019

American Football Ireland Intervarsity Championship 2006-Present

Colleges and Universities Sports Association of Ireland Logo 2003-2013
Colleges and Universities Sports Association of Ireland Logo 2003-2013 [Reference: 1]

College Bowls / Intervarsity Championships 2006-Present

CUSAI College Bowl
2006UL Vikings58DCU Saints0
2007UL Vikings50DCU Saints2
2008UL Vikings47DCU Saints12
2009UL Vikings22DCU Saints0
2010TCD12UL Vikings6 (3ot)
2012TCDWUL VikingsL
IAFA Intervarities
2013TCD12UL Vikings0
2017UCDWUL VikingsL
2019UCD17UL Vikings8
Irish American Football Association College Championship 2011-2019 [Reference: 1-8]

Note: *Deciding Game: Championship played on Round-Robin basis.


University of Limerick Vikings won the Colleges and Universities Sports Association of Ireland College Bowl from 2006 to 2009, defeating Dublin City University Saints each time. In 2010 two new forces came on the scene: Trinity College Dublin won the IAFA College Championship from 2010 to 2013, with University College Dublin winning from 2014 to 2019 (2015 and 2016 winners are unknown).

University College Dublin American Football Intervarsity Champions 2019
University College Dublin American Football Intervarsity Champions 2019 [Reference: 15]

About the American Football Ireland Intervarsity Championships

The Jordanstown Jaguars, based in Ulster University Jordanstown played in the first full season of the Irish American Football League in 1987. The Trinity Bowl, played from 1992-1995, was the first competition played in Irish Universities, although it did not involve College teams. The Irish Collegiate American Football Association was formed in 1993, and played a Flag Football Summer Bowl over the Summer Holidays, involving both College Students and non-College Students. From 1998 to 1999 the Queen’s University Belfast Broncos competed in the AFAI Irish Senior League, and in 1999 the University of Limerick Vikings were formed, initially as a Flag Football team, and then from 2001 onwards as a fully kitted team playing uin the resurrected IAFL.

The First Colleges and Universities Sports Association of Ireland (CUSAI) Kitted College Bowl was played in 2006, when there was more than one kitted College team for the first time, namely the University of Limerick Vikings and Dublin City University Saints. The College Championship became a three-team tournament involving the Trinity College Dublin Thunderbolts and the University College Dublin Sentinels in 2010 (DCU were no longer fielding a team). In 2014 the Irish American Football Association took over the running of the competition from CUSAI after the CUSAI became Student Sport Ireland and renamed the College Bowl the Intervarsity Championship.



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