American Football League of Europe 1995


*Bergamo Lions8710232178.875
*Stockholm Nordic Vikings8530239223.625
Amsterdam Crusaders85307890.625
Frankfurt Knights8350124140.375
Sheffield GB Spartans8080175235.000
Bavarian Blue Falcons000000.000

Reference: [10] [Adjusted based on Results in 1-9]


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Euro-SuperBowl II   
02.09.1995Stockholm Nordic Vikings14Bergamo Lions0

Reference: [10]

Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1   
20.05.1995Frankfurt KnightsBavarian Blue Falcons
21.05.1995Great Britain Spartans33Bergamo Lions35
 Week 2   
27.05.1995Stockholm Nordic Vikings24Bergamo Lions27
27.05.1995Amsterdam CrusadersWFrankfurt KnightsL
27.05.1995Great Britain SpartansBavarian Blue Falcons
 Week 3   
03.06.1995Frankfurt Knights50Stockholm Nordic Vikings32
04.06.1995Bergamo Lions35Great Britain Spartans22
 Week 4   
10.06.1995Frankfurt KnightsBavarian Blue Falcons
11.06.1995Great Britain Spartans39Stockholm Nordic Vikings45
 Week 5   
17.06.1995Stockholm Nordic VikingsBavarian Blue Falcons
17.06.1995Bergamo Lions34Amstedam Crusaders22
18.06.1995Great Britain Spartans50Frankfurt Knights75
 Week 6   
24.06.1995Frankfurt KnightsLAmsterdam CrusadersW
 Week 7   
01.07.1995Stockholm Nordic Vikings53Great Britain Spartans36
01.07.1995Amsterdam CrusadersBavarian Blue Falcons
 Week 8   
08.07.1995Amsterdam Crusaders45Great Britain Spartans20
08.07.1995Stockholm Nordic VikingsBavarian Blue Falcons
08.07.1995Frankfurt Knights23Bergamo Lions28
 Week 9   
15.07.1995Amsterdam Crusaders21Bergamo Lions27
 Week 10   
22.07.1995Stockholm Nordic Vikings27Amsterdam Crusaders53
22.07.1995Frankfurt KnightsWGreat Britain SpartansL
22.07.1995Bavarian Blue FalconsBergamo Lions
 Week 11   
29.07.1995Bergamo Lions8Stockholm Nordic Vikings14
29.07.1995Bavarian Blue FalconsBergamo Lions
 Week 12   
05.08.1995Stockholm Nordic Vikings42Frankfurt Knights30
05.08.1995Great Britain Spartans0Amsterdam Crusaders2-
 Week 13   
12.08.1995Amsterdam Crusaders0Stockholm Nordic Vikings2
12.08.1995Bergamo LionsBavarian Blue Falcons
 Week 14   
19.08.1995Bavarian Blue FalconsGreat Britain Spartans
19.08.1995Bergamo Lions Frankfurt Knights 


Preseason Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Preseason Week 1   
1995Frankfurt Knights56Rotterdam Trojans32
1995Stockholm Nordic Vikings20Benedictine College35

Reference: [1]

Match Reports & Box Scores

Week 1

Bergamo Lions    35
Great Britain Spartans    33
1st Half 
BER – Zackary Burwell TD Run7-0
BER – Zackary Burwell 2 yard TD Run13-0
GBS – Okiwe 45 yard Pass from Hazen Choates13-6
BER – Tomaso Verzeri 11-yard TD Pass from Bobby Frasco19-6
GBS – Terry Smith 3 yard Pass from Hazen Choates (Graham Cola XP Kick)19-13
2nd Half 
GBS – Okiwe 10 yd Pass from Hazen Choates (XP Kick No Good)19-19
BER – Zackary Burwell 8 yd Run (2XP Good)27-19
GBS – Terry Smith Pass from Hazen Choates (2XP No Good)27-25
BER – Zackary Burwell 14 yd Run (Vitali Pietro 2XP Run)35-25
GBS – Terry Smith 30 yd Pass from Hazen Choates (Hazen Choates 2XP Run)35-33

Reference: [4]

Week 4

At Don Valley Stadium, SheffieldQ1Q2Q3Q4Total
Great Britain Spartans61461339
Stockholm Nordic Vikings146121345
1st Quarter 
STO – Doug Banks 8 yd Run (XP Kick Good ?)0-7
GBS – Booby Brown Run (XP No Good)6-7
STO – West 3 yd Pass from Merager (XP Kick Good?) 6-14
2nd Quarter 
GBS – Bobby Brown 1 yd Run12-14
GBS – Bobby Brown 7 yd Run (Bobby Brown 2XP Run)20-14
STO – Brown TD20-20
3rd Quarter 
GBS – Hazen Choates 7 yd Run26-20
STO – Hausenkamp TD26-26
STO – West TD26-32
4th Quarter 
STO – FG26-35
GBS – Bobby Brown 90 yd Return (XP Kick Good)33-35
GBS – Bobby Brown Run 39-35
STO – Sedin 100 yd 2XP Int Return39-37
STO – Magnus Gustaffson Run (Magnus Gustaffson 2XP)39-45

Reference: [6]

Week 8

Amsterdam Crusaders191201445
Sheffield GB Spartans1200820
1st Quarter 
AMS – Anthony Stitt 2 yd Run (2XP Pass No Good) 6-0
GBS – Terry Smith 40 yd Pass from Hazen Choates (XP Kick Blocked)6-6
AMS – Marin van Mourik 40 yd Pass from Stuart Betty12-6
AMS – Anthony Stitt 85 yd Run 19-6
GBS – Bobby Brown 80 yd Pass from Hazen Choates19-12
2nd Quarter 
AMS – Marin van Mourik 22 yd Pass from Stuart Betty (XP Kick No Good)25-12
AMS – Anthony Stitt 49 yd Pass from Stuart Betty (XP Kick No Good)31-12
3rd Quarter 
No scoring31-12
4th Quarter 
AMS – Anthony Stitt 1 yd Run (Marin van Mourik 2XP Pass from Stuart Betty)39-12
GBS – Jeff Buck 1 Yd Run (Booby Brown 2XP)39-20
AMS – Anthony Stitt 1 yd Run45-20

Reference: [7]

Week 1

At Stadio Alfiero Moretti, CesenaticoQ1Q2Q3Q4Total
Bergamo Lions00088
Stockholm Nordic Vikings700714
1st Quarter 
STO – Doug Banks 53 yd Pass from Kelly Merager (XP Kick Good) 0-7
2nd Quarter 
No Scoring 
3rd Quarter 
No Scoring 
4th Quarter 
STO – Doug Peterson 4 yd Run (XP Kick Good)0-14
BER – TD (2XP Good)8=-14

Reference: [10]


Home Venues

TeamHome Field
Great Britain SpartansDon Valley Stadium, Sheffield, England
Frankfurt KnightsStadion am Bieberer Berg, Offenbach, Gemany
Bavarian Blue FalconsMunich, Germany
Bergamo LionsCampo Comunale, Verdelo, Italy
Stockholm Nordic VikingsUppsala/Stockholm, Sweden
Amsterdam CrusadersAmsterdam, Netherlands

Reference: [1, 10]




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Online Encyclopedia

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