American Football Timelines

These Timelines are a record of teams from the first to last that have played in each Major or AAA Professional American Football League, or Irish American Football League.

American Football League Timelines

Major Football Leagues Timelines:

Major American Football Leagues Timeline 1909-2020 (Leagues)

Major League American Football Teams Timeline 1873-Present

Major & AAA Football Leagues Timelines:

Canadian Football League Timeline 1869-present

American Football Leagues Era Timeline 1920-1959

National Football League International Era Timeline 1950-Present

Continental Football Leagues Era Timeline 1960-1985

World Football Leagues Era Timeline 1972-Present

National Football League Assorted Timelines:

National Football League Major League Teams Timeline 1920-present

National Football League Expansion 1920-present

National Football League Expansion in America – A Look at AAA Football League Teams 1974-2020

National Football League v XFL v World Football League

European American Football Leagues Timelines

European American Football World Wars Era Timeline 1918-1993

European American Football NFL Europe Era Timeline 1972-Present

Irish American Football Leagues Timelines

Irish American Football League Expansion 1984-present

Irish American Football League | Timeline 1986-2018

Irish American Football Youth Kitted Timeline

Major League Teams Predictions

Major American Football League Teams Predictions

World American Football Leagues Scenario 2033

Major American Football Leagues Prediction 2040

World Football Leagues Prediction 2040

Indoor Football Leagues Prediction 2040

Fantasy League Prediction Timelines

Major League Gridiron Teams 1873-2022