American West Football Conference 2020

American West Football conference Logo [Ref: 3]


Idaho Horsemen
Tri-City Rage
Wenatchee Valley Skyhawks
Yakima Canines
American West Football Conference Standings 2020 [Ref: 1]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
17.03.2020Wenatchee Valley SkyhawksTri-City Rage
Week 2
04.04.2020Yakima CaninesTri-City Rage
04.04.2020Wenatchee Valley SkyhawksIdaho Horsemen
Week 3
09.04.2020Idaho HorsemenYakima Canines
Week 4
18.04.2020Wenatchee Valley SkyhawksYakima Canines
Week 5
23.04.2020Yakima CaninesWenatchee Valley Skyhawks
25.04.2020Idaho HorsemenTri-City Rage
Week 6
02.05.2020Idaho HorsemenWenatchee Valley Skyhawks
Week 7
10.05.2020Idaho HorsemenYakima Canines
Week 8
16.05.2020Wenatchee Valley SkyhawksIdaho Horsemen
Week 9
23.05.2020Yakima CaninesWenatchee Valley Skyhawks
Week 10
30.05.2020Wenatchee Valley SkyhawksYakima Canines
Week 11
04.06.2020Idaho HorsemenTri-City Rage
Week 12
13.06.2020Yakima CaninesIdaho Horsemen
13.06.2020Wenatchee Valley SkyhawksTri-City Rage
Week 13
21.06.2020Yakima CaninesIdaho Horsemen
Week 14
27.06.2020Idaho HorsemenWenatchee Valley Skyhawks
27.06.2020Yakima CaninesTri-City Rage
American West Football Conference Results 2020 [Ref: 2]


The American West Football Conference is a AA Indoor American Football League which started playing in the American Northwest in 2019 to fill in the gap in Professional Indoor Football League on the West Coast (San Diego, Arizona & Oakland have teams in the Indoor Football League but that is primarily a Mid-West League). For 2020 it has expanded to include teams in Yakima (Washington State) and the Bay Area (California).



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