AMFA Mexican College Football Number 1 Rankings 2014-2019

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Number 1 Ranking 2014-2019

2014Aztecas UDLA PueblaCONADEIP Premier272.95
2015Borregos Salvajes MonterreyCONADEIP Premier269.9
2016Aztecas UDLA PueblaCONADEIP Premier281.6
2017Borregos Salvajes TolucaCONADEIP Premier268
2018Tigres UANL Nuevo LeonONEFA 8 Grandes247
2019Burros Blancos IPN ZacatencoONEFA 8 Grandes230
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AMFA has produced Mexican College Football Rankings (American Football) since the split caused by the Private Colleges forming their own Conference: CONADEIP Premier. From 2014 to 2017 there was a different winner each year, although all came from CONADEIP Premier: Aztecas UDLA Puebla in 2014, Borregos Salvajes (White Rams) Monterrey in 2015, Aztecas UDLA Puebla again in 2016, and Borregos Salvajes Toluca in 2017. Tigers UANL Nuevo Leon won it for ONEFA 8 Grandes (Public Colleges Big 8) in 2018 and Burros Blancos (White Donkeys) IPN Zacatecas in 2019, again from ONEFA 8 Grandes. Without an Overall Playoff Final between the two big Conferences, the College Champion was decided by a poll conducted by AMFA. This is similar to the system used by US Colleges for 100 years until quite recently to decide the National Champions in NCAA Football, although the NCAA in USA now has a College Football Playoff.



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