Arena Football

Arena Football

Arena Football, also known as Indoor Football was developed in the 1980s as an 8-man form of Indoor Football. After an initial few seasons where the game was developed with a 4 team league, a full seasons League with eventually over a dozen teams was developed in the 1990s which was considered by the Wall Street Journal to be a fifth major.

The Arena Football League over-expanded in the 2000s with a Minor League, and its importance (and number of teams) waned, but there is now Arena Leagues all over America, all of which would now be considered Minor League or Semi-Pro.

Arena Football Leagues (Decade / Era Overviews):

Final Tables & Playoff Results organised on a decade-by-decade or era-by-era basis:

Arena Football League (AAA National Leagues):

Arena Football League 1987-1991

Arena Football League 1992-2000

AA Minor Arena Football Leagues (Overviews):

Indoor Football League 2009-2011

Champions Indoor Football 2015-2018

National Arena League 2017-2018

Legends Football League (Overviews):

Lingerie Bowl 2004-2009

Lingerie Football League 2009-2012

Legends Football League | United States 2013-2018

Lingerie Football League Canada 2012-13

Legends Football League | Australia 2013-2014

World Arena Leagues (Overviews):

China Arena Football League 2016

Arena / Indoor Football Leagues (Seasons)

Results & Standings organised on a season-by-season basis. The AA Arena Football League Season Overviews give the Final Standings of each of the Leagues for the given years (i.e. all 4 or 5 AA Arena Leagues per year). The League Seasons give just that Leagues Results & Standings for the given year i.e. National Arena League 2019 gives just the 2019 season results and Standings for the NAL.

AAA Arena Football Leagues

Arena Football League (Seasons):


Legends Football League | United States (Seasons):


China Arena Football League (Seasons):


AA Arena Indoor Football Leagues

AA Arena / Indoor Football Leagues (Season Overviews)


National Arena League (Seasons):


Indoor Football League (Seasons):


Champions Indoor Football (Seasons):


American West Football Conference (Seasons):