Asian American Football

American Football was first introduced to Japan in the 1930s, although it was not until 1947 that it was played regularly, with the Rice Bowl, Japan’s Super Bowl played since 1947. Japan is so big on American Football it has its own page on Eirball at: Japan American Football. Korea, likewise has been playing American Football since the National University Championship was started in 1958. West Asia started playing American Football in the 2000s and China, India, Central Asia and South East Asia in the 2010s.

KAFA Korea American Football Association

American Football has been played in Korea since the 1950s. The Kimchi Bowl is their version of the Super Bowl and has been played since 1995 between the winners of the University Championship (Tiger Bowl) and Social Championship (Corporations) (Gwanggaeto Bowl).

The National University Championship has been played since 1958 and since 1995 is known as the Tiger Bowl. The Gwanggaeto Bowl is the Championship Game of the Social Championship (Corporations).

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AFLC American Football League of China

American Football Leagues started in countries like China, India, Philippines and Malaysia in the 2010s. For Japan, where the Rice Bowl, their equivalent of the Super Bowl which started in 1947 see: Japan American Football and for Korea, where their National University Championship started in 1958

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South East Asia Football

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EFLI Elite Football League of India and South Asia

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TAFK Turkiye Amerikan Fotbolu Kurlu and Central Asia

Tom Kelly, the intrepid American with the Irish name started the first Central Asian American Football Association in April 2002. From then until 2008 Kazakhstan team KIMEP Titans from Almaty played a series of friendlies versus Kyrgyzstan’s AUK American University of Kyrgyzstan and Bishkek BARS Leopards.

In 2004 the first Bishkek Challenge Games were played between two Leopards teams, and then in 2007 a second team was created in Bishkek: Golden Eagles and in 2008 a third: KNU (Kyrgyzstan National University). A three team tournament was then arranged between the three Bishkek teams in 2008.

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AFI American Football Israel and West Asia

American Football started in countries like Israel, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan in the early 2000s.

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